Watching Her Cum

Have you ever watched a woman have an orgasm?  Not on tv or in a movie. Let’s face it those portrayals including ones in porn may not be exactly genuine…and at best are often overplayed and embellished.


So have you you ever watched a woman cum?  Odds are you have but then take these elements away.  Have you seen it not while being part of her physical stimulation and reason for release. Not from you fucking, fingering or licking her hungry pussy.  And not even because you’re holding a jack hammer of a vibe to her clit…though those are all experiences I’d recommend having as often as possible.


And sure perhaps you have watched others have sex either knowingly or not including you in their exchange.


Now step back and think have you ever watched a woman give herself an orgasm just for you?  Lying there shamelessly exposed not just in body but in her desire as her hand first dances tentatively across her own pussy. Exploring and circling. Her cheeks flush and her breath changes with those first electric touches. She knows your there, this is as much for you as it is for her.  It is nearly as delicious in those first moments as when she asked you if you’d like to watch.  Soon though it will far surpass those early moments.


Such a brazen woman as you watch her pleasure starts to build. You can faintly hear her wetness growing.  Little gasps as she purses her lips, biting them ever so slightly.   Sex and arousal are electric and dance through the air.  Everyone knows what she’s doing.   You shift your vantage point, whispers not so softly some encouragement about how stunning she is the embodiment of of temptation mixed with desire.  Her and moving faster and firmer against her clit. Still far from the edge but her lovely thighs tense and twitch…modesty is lost and you drink in the sight of her. catching a glimpse of her spread legs in the mirror in the distance.
You can see the pleasure taking over her body from the curl of her toes, the flex of her feet in the way she holds her legs just so as to get then most out of ever sensation she is creating for herself.   A picture of temptation you watch the rise and fall of her chest, the peek of a nipple erect and longing for attention escaps her dress. You resist this is up to her and helping her get there..well it wouldn’t be fair now would it.   She licks her lips, scrunches up her nose just a little.  Her hair falls out of her eyes just long enough to hold your gaze before she looks away as if by seeing her eyes she has let you see too much.


The cycle continues as this very dirty girl works herself closer and closer to the point of no return.  All with you watching…drinking in the very sight and sounds of her desire.  This is not a quick wank, a shallow satisfaction. A simple release of a primal need.   No this is deep and powerful, earned over a long period of time. Thought about before hand time and again.  You wonder exactly what she is thinking, what are the pictures, and words and fantasies dancing though her mind that very second.    Exposing her very being in her ask of you in a way that is far more revealing  than anyone’s body could ever be. You find your self fighting temptation.


A shallow gasp, an almost imperceptible arc in her low back. A moan and a whimper. One last glance before closing her eyes, biting her lips then her thighs snap shut she turns away and floats in pleasure, exhaustion, and just a bit of embarrassment.


So have you ever watched a woman cum? If you have you would understand the power and the beauty of her orgasm. Her eyes may show you her soul but her orgasm can show you the very essence of her being.  And should you ever have such an experience you might understand more about her in different ways than ever before.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. This totally calls to the exhibitionist in me. The detail of the watching is so beautifully rendered and I can absolutely imagine being in her place. Wonderful piece. I think I’m going to have to come back and read it again (and again!). Jane xxx

  2. ” You wonder exactly what she is thinking, what are the pictures, and words and fantasies dancing though her mind that very second. Exposing her very being in her ask of you in a way that is far more revealing than anyone’s body could ever be. You find your self fighting temptation. ”
    oh those lines are so how I feel. I love watching when women pleasure themselves and crave to know what is really going on in their head. There was a movie where a man was given the power to rear women’s thoughts, it was a bit on the cheesy side but oh to have that power and to see them in that place. to know not just that they can get off but what gets them off.
    I love the way you have expressed this. it is quite the rush to be an observer and see a woman open her soul and all her being in that moment.

  3. It was the death of shame in me! That’s all I can say. Allowing myself to be that exposed to him while he just absorbed my learning to let go was the death of shame.
    Great post!!!!!

  4. This is so in tune with my fantasies (I am a married male) it is freaky, like the author read my mind. My wife and I talk about this kind of thing ALL THE TIME, but usually I am helping her masturbate, not just watching. I am going to- 1: Stroke myself in about 5 minutes because I am so turned on from reading this description, and 2: Try this out with my wife this weekend! Thanks, great post.

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    1. Excluding of course myself I have seen it but not in the context of of being a performance for me and the other person involved. More so as a by product of their other activities with a partner at the time even if if was a self stimulated finish.

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