Tattered, Torn, Tied And Truth– Stockings Kink of the Week

Fishnet Stockings a woman's legs and bottom fishnet stockingsStockings Kink of the Week

For me much of what makes something work is the intent more so than the item. If a person randomly wears something it may be nice. If they do it for me and the intent is to elicit a specific reaction then I will most likely enjoy it and find it arousing.
Simply knowing that why they are doing it turns me on whether it is a specific type of play, a specific outfit, or other myriad of items. The lovely silky Thigh High stockings and garters generally speaking fall into this category.
Visually on a woman stockings and garters are something I can admire and appreciate but it doesn’t move beyond a fashion statement, or a piece of art ; like looking at beautiful flowers  or a building for me unless there is another element… of overt sexuality and intent.  Now with the polite bullshit out of the way on to the real answer.
Tattered Stockings
It would be a lie to say that part of my kink isn’t to take something elegant and beautiful and pervert it. “Closet Whores” women who seem proper and elegant but have very wanton and base needs have long been a mainstay of my own sexuality. In many ways  the contrast between appearance and actions nicely mirrors my own existence. Lovely silk stocking looks best on her legs not when striding through a room in a pricey gown but when she’s on her knees with the garter straining from the position as she is fucked savagely from behind somewhere not quite private enough for the act. While elegant and beautiful, feminine and romantic in any lingerie set I much prefer when they are worn daringly with the occasional peek of a garter, the random tear and after a night out when they look “well loved”, stretched out, sweat soaked, perhaps snagged or compromised in another way as she dis appears into the night.
Torn Fishnets
If you wear fishnets odds are I’ll notice you, if you are a random woman in torn fishnets I’ll admire you and muse on how that tear occurred. This musing usually involves a lovely dream sequence of rough sex or very dirty behavior. Now if you’re with me and in fishnets I will instantly want to do very bad things to you. I want to leave you a heaving sweating dirty mess. I want to watch your white bottom turn pink and then a lovely shade of crimson red with the black lines of the fishnets crisscrossing your otherwise bare bottom as I spank you. I want to throw you around like a rag doll, man handle you,  hold you down and fuck you only to to leave your skin soaked wiht moisture, you’re chest heaving as you’re gasping for breath to slow your heart, your skin raw and marked with red and purple lines from what I’ve done to you, your pussy throbbing and god only knows what part of you covered in cum. Of course with a few new tears in those stockings to show off as a sign of our little tryst. What-ever is the kink opposite of kryptonite is fishnets are to me.
For the record you can add Body Stockings to the mix of things that I like in a really dirty and hot kind of way but they would require their own post.
Tied Up – Who Needs Rope
N was my first love. Literally the first woman I loved. To this day I am probably some of the darkest chapters of her sexuality, a fact that gives me a little glow to this day. She was a stockings and garters kind of girl and at some point or another I tied every conceivable part of her up with those lovely stockings. Hands to the bed, hand to her beet, to the table, as a gag, as a blind fold and so many more. In those days it was cuff and chains except unless we didn’t have any then there were stockings. Face down, ass up, wanton mouth always willing and mine for the taking.  Oh the frivolity of youth.
Tights = Fashion (and Universal Boner Killer)
The word tights elicits the most nonsexual response from me imaginable. While I like the look of warm fall or winter tights on a woman there is nothing sexual about to me. They simply work and I like them as fashion and feminine because of the form they are on but nothing sexual. Twisting it ever so slight the fact is I own several pairs of those lovely skin tight synthetic running tights so that probably only enhances my non sexualized response to the word. My Saturday mornings are often filled with dozens of men and women in them, they are utilitarian and functional at best despite being body hugging.
And the Bonus Sections
“My Michelle”
Early in my career but a bit after GnR made the song “My Michelle” famous there was a real life version of my Michelle – I was 25 and she was in her mid 30’s (She ended up living with a friend of mine long before the term Cougar came around) Her build was tall and lean, her style …she was prone to wearing heels and flowing skirts with the body of a Ballerina…long and thin and lean. I would come to be friends with her and know things a person shouldn’t about a co-worker (for example she liked to be whipped with an electrical cord until her entire bottom was covered in fiery red welts…fun girl, really into pain for pain’s sake….or so I’ve been told) . Every day in the elevator she would flash me her legs, a tease, the top of her thigh highs a peek at the garter. Occasionally she’d stop the life and show a little more. It was harmless fun, an exhibitionist to the extreme and me the more than willing admirer.
Simply No
Now for the part of the piece that once again requires a bit more decorum and a little less cocksmanship…
So sticking with the rock n roll song theme this time it’s the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Many of the things I like that are visually sexual including stockings are things The Chesty Blonde does not have an interest in… Stockings and Garters are among them. Years ago I would buy them for her and they were never worn. I’d ask why she never wore them and not understand the answer or the refusal to even try them for me in private. I’d change the color, the tops, the style, with a garter and without a response. Nothing…it was a waste of my time and desires. It was an issue for me, I’d spiral in to mental fits of frustration and rage though outwardly in my typical fashion I would simply choke back my unfiltered reaction, appear completely un-phased and calm, smile and tell her it was fine. After all I loved her and didn’t want her to be uncomfortable or not feel beautiful as she was. In fact hat would be the last thing I’d want. I saw them (stockings)  as something bold and sexual. She saw them as something unappealing for whatever reason. In fact it was one of the first things I quit buying for her…the divide was too great. The choices were simple I could either keep getting angry about it or simply let it go. I chose the latter.
For a long time stockings and garters no matter who wore them or why were simply annoying to me. They’d piss me off, remind me of something I wanted but couldn’t have. It’s not that way now though. I’ve learned to appreciate things on people who themselves appreciate them. A lesson I’ve applied to other areas of both my kinks and my life.
A Few Final Thoughts.
For a humorous take on the topic See “A Different Take Stocking & Garters” – hint Hockey players are all latent cross dressers who like to hit things with sticks. I’ve worked and reworked the end of this post and if it wasn’t for a wonderful friend who I adore that prodded me just a little I’d have not shared any of it. But differences have merit and not everything in even a good relationships really works. Perhaps that’s something I as a writer need to be more open about in general. For a simple way to solve the above mentioned problem Go up two paragraphs and add after the word “latter” add “that’s what girlfriends are for.” Skip the next paragraph and keep reading from this point on. It makes for a much happier ending.
No you cannot have a picture of me in tights…but if you know my birth name they are not hard to find if you look at pictures from winter 2012 time frame in particular.

And there you have it my kink of the week post, No go read some of the others by clicking the banner below.

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  1. As always, I appreciate the male perspective.
    And I am glad that I kept trying to find something that fit me, as it was something my lover liked. After reading your frustration and anger, I am glad that I didn’t just tell him no and keep it that way.

  2. I love the phrase ‘closet whore’ I totally get what you mean by that and will happily put my hand up to being one. Just as I love the polite respectable gentlemen who harbours an evil deviant side beneath his ‘respectable’ exterior I am the female version of that…. with a flash of her stocking top showing for those who are really playing attention.
    You are right, differences do have merits but that doesn’t mean they are always easy.

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