School Girls Kink of The Week in retrospect – the Lost Paragraph

I left this part out in both a draft I shared and in my final version because where it went was for me a little uncomfortable, it seemed to be a contradiction of my kink which is normally fine and welcome but in this case struck a bit of a nerve.  Given other’s opinions i thought there was some validity in sharing.
“Additional food for thought.
Now for an odd admission. Some people are still in my life from that time and while odd it’s not completely unique except for that a few of us are still occasional play partners. Nothing like old lovers who you are still close to complicate an already complicated life every now and again.  The relationships transcend kink, and sex for that matter. They have existed for nearly 30 years.   Yet we do still play, we have from the time of being barely legal floundering around in our sexuality to what we have become… good, bad ,and indifferent. Through marriages, partners, divorces, ups and downs in life, careers and our relationships.   In some ways we have been each others escape for decades, in another we’re just good friends who make time every now and then.  None of them have ever dressed up as a schoolgirl for me…well other than once upon a time when they were the genuine article in skirts that were too short. And ironically i’d never ask them to. In their cases it holds absolutely no appeal for me. If one of the ladies showed up in a plaid skirt I’d safe word out before she even crossed the threshold.”
And that is more or less where the lost paragraph ended. I like to tear apart my kinks so this is for me if nothing else.    I can’t tell you why perhaps because in their case it would not be an escape into a fantasy and would be more of a recreation of an earlier time.  In fact I  have no desire to dress them up as anything other than what they are.  Sure lacy this and barely there that are all fine but as far as costume based role play of any type it would be out of the question.  With out a doubt it is a double standard.  A woman i just met wants to dress up as a school girl, the wicked witch of the west or any other thing odds are I’d be fine with it.  . Hell I’d help order the costume and suggest the shoes.  The higher the better. Molly as a school girl to me is incredibly fucking hot and she does a wonderful job of articulating why it works in her relationship with Dom Signs.  In a way she did a better job of explaining the kink and why it works for me than it did. Thjere were alternate views that made me reexamine my own thoughts on the matter.  Cammies pointed out in her piece a history that led  to her feeling on the topic along with other such a Rebelle  not liking as it was tied to a dislike of school and the humiliation it represented  and Sassy Cat had found a way to make the look her own for her own reasons.  All of which were very valid.
In writing comments to them I never stopped to think about my own experiences in Uniform, A concept brought up by sub Bee in a comment on my piece.  After all I wore dress pants shirts, and ties.   Along with a blazer when required.  It was a uniform, I hated it and certainly fought the system.  Rather than daringly short skirts and over unbuttoned blouse my uniform  years were spent pushing the boundaries of in terms of sock length…footies were new then and not covered by the handbook, tie material, knit ties rather than a traditional shaped one,  and I still brag to this day about having to have the uniform code amended in a way that described how a tie must be worn rather than just worn and properly knotted after winning a dispute with a pissed off nun and headmaster who had as much disdain for her as i did. It was for that one year ruled that a Windsor knot tied to any part of the uniform (or student) met the requirement.   Like many of the ladies who had to wear a uniform I see nothing sexy in it.   And while my feeling on the attire makes it seem impossible to sex up a there appears to be a subset of school theme F/M spanking fantasies that may do it in their own way although not as overly sexual.   Not my kink so I may be missing the mark completely.  Still unlike what women tend to experience with it either being a bad memory or something to be sexy up for different reasons that very uniform it laid the foundation for my very look to this day; a suit dress shirt and formal shoes that seems to hold an appeal.
So perhaps if we look at it differently a suit while it does not imply any age play scenario and is a often more about dominance than submission may very well be what happens to school boys uniform when they grow up.  I might even argue they can hold the same sex appeal as a sexed up adult schoolgirl though probably for very different reasons.

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  1. The boys in my school were required to wear, dress pants, tie, button down shirt and blazer and dress shoes (anything BUT gym shoes or sandals). They could also wear a uniform sweater which was a bright green (similar to the background color of the Kinkly top 100 banner). I grew up looking at this. It made an imprint. I find men dressed like this an instant attraction. A well organized outfit, polished. Combed hair, clean shaven. Gets me every time. I watched the upper class men walk with their swagger, always made me weak. That sense of confidence they carried about themselves, however at times bordered on arrogance. There was just something about those guys that I enjoyed watching them move, interact and watch from a distance. I never got too close though.

  2. After reading everyone else’s posts I realised that maybe one of the reasons I could enjoy it so much now, without it bringing up any baggage from the past is that I never wore one in my life before….. until now. It doesn’t have any bad memories, all it means to me is what it means now, it feel sexy, I look sexy and when I put it on, his eyes light up with desire and maybe for you the similar is true, for you, the memories are simple, uncomplicated and closely linked to finding your sexual self as a teen.

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