Things a Top might think but never say

Wether as a friend, lover, and or play partner we may not always say what we think in the moment. Recently I admitted to being typically very reserved joking that is a bit ironic for a sex blogger in the very same breath. Yet a significant amount of time is spent reflecting on events afterwards. Conversations that may be seemingly passing will stick with me for years if not infinitely.   Then when appropriate will share those here.  So with adequate preamble now in place….
Things a Top Might think but Never Say.
1) That the tan lines on the top of your thighs and framing your hips that give way to your sexy little white butt give may give said Top all kinds of ideas that are  far beyond purely wicked.
2) The, moans, protests,  grunts, name calling, and even cursing often through clenched teeth  work in ways our face may never reflect. Be assured we are grinning like the devil even if you can’t see it.
3) The seemingly innocuous hand laid gently on  somewhere while the wickedness ensuses is a non verbal clue of the connection that is being felt as well as a way of gauging your enjoyment.
4) Knowing that you are turned on is only adding fuel to the fire…though you might never guess that based on the stoic reaction.
5) Watching you twist and srruggle is really hot even if the words may be to the contrary.
6) Have you ever seen Snoopy dance in Charlie Brown cartoon?  If only in our minds we’re that happy and excited every time you want to play, we get to help you live out a fantasy,  or see you tremble just a touch at the thought of what might happen.   Though you’d never know it from our stone clad demeanor and bodies clad in black.
7) We like hearing from you and not just about kink and sex…though that is fine too. It is a two way street and yes we think of calling or texting more often than we do. 
8) Knowing a moment is special is important. Realizing later how truly unique late is humbling….even for us.
This was written before I saw the prompt and is based on a recent wonderful experience and things that often cross my mind in general. Not sure any of it is very wicked but this is the place I most often use to communicate my thoughts on life, relationahips,  sex and kink. It serves me well after the fact but odds are you’d get the same answers sitting across the table or lying in bed next to me…just not as refined or reflective.  I could go on but you get the idea…even tops think things we may never say. Though if asked or given the opportunity are happy to talk about it.

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8 Replies to “Things a Top might think but never say”

  1. Sir is notoriously stoic, to the point of frustration at times, but as I’ve come to know him, I see these cues, and it gives me the confidence in him, in us, that the connection is much stronger than his face may betray.
    Flip x

  2. My Husband’s face never betrays what He is thinking, but I have learned to recognize the look in His eyes and know when something pleases Him immensely 🙂
    Still, I love reading this post and see what Tops think…
    Rebel xox

  3. Snoopy dancing eh? What an interesting mental image…. Oh the temptation to bring that up in the future is almost overwhelming….

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