Where the Buzzing Began

white hared plastic Vibrator
Funny how you find such wonderful memories in boxes as you clean house and consolidate belongings.  This is quite literally the first Vibrator i ever bought for the Chesty Blonde.  At the time it seemed edgy now…well not so much…good memories of it none the less.

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  1. Ha! My first one, and I do still have it but it gave up working a LONG time ago was very similar to this but gold…. although the tip is not very gold anymore as I think I wore the colour off

  2. Ha! The first one I ever bought I wasn’t even eighteen and no longer speak to her. The first one I bought my wife didn’t even survive University as we knackered it through overuse! 😉

  3. My first one was exactly the same as on the photo and I still have it. It doesn’t buzz anymore, but when I want a bit of anal stimulation during solo play, I still reach for it 🙂
    Rebel xox

  4. Oh gosh, memories of my first one now…yep, like all the others, it died.
    And it took me ten years to throw it away after it broke. What is it about the first toy that prompts us to keep it?

  5. My first vibe I did not get until my daughter got me one and that was just a few years ago I had no clue what I was missing

  6. LOL…so many of us bought the same one for our first! (Mine was bright blue. And damn, I wonder if I still have it stashed away somewhere??)

  7. LOL!!! Mine too ! But the little aluminium bits inside the twisty lid broke off quite quickly!!!
    Just imagine, if all of us here had one, they must have sold millions and millions. I wonder if there is a special recycling-bin for them somewhere???
    Xxx – K

  8. That vibrator is very similar to my first one. I wore the dial out on the sucker and eventually cracked it at the base. I’ve had several more since then. I’m a bit hard on my toys.

  9. Ah, memories … My first one was bubblegum pink and looked like it had escaped from a sweet shop. Undoubtedly full of phthalates and terrible for my body but I loved it dearly. Before too long, the battery chamber corroded and I had to throw it out. Probably a good thing, to be honest, given the materials it was made of but I still have fond memories! 🙂 Jane xxx

  10. How funny. That was my first vibrator as well. Only mine is pink. I seen it yesterday when I was cleaning my toy box out. I almost tossed it out, but decided to keep it.

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