22 Replies to “A Voyeurs View”

  1. I am dirty little voyeur… I love watching…. and this shot, the angle from the camera, feeds into that love perfectly and I like the new view… a LOT…

    1. I have a few lined up that are “new views” but am trying to work out a theme that will be interesting that can be modified in an interesting way from my travels. In month two of that experimentation.

  2. It’s always so interesting on Sinful Sunday being the Voyeur when I much prefer being a exhibitionist. I do love how everyone comes up with so many artsy and fantastic ideas though. Great job getting this shot.

  3. Yes it is a new side of view for me but a lovely one indeed. I love me some voyeurs I think it comes with camming.

  4. A very nice view indeed. I may be an exhibitionist, but I am also very much a voyeur.
    I look forward to more new views of you. 😉

  5. As we are as much voyeurs as we are exhibitionists we especially like the fact that we can relate to the excitement of seeing something that, in theory, we aren’t supposed to. Also Jill likes your butt. 🙂

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