Los Gringo Extraordinaire My week in Review

It has been far too  long since I have had time to write.  After all my deviance was supposed to go global….I have but not so much my kink. Still I’ve done my best to make the most of it even if it was as a shameless flirt and a ladies man. Guess life can’t be all rope and paddles and a little variety is good.
The week began in Miami with a “date” with my  “Jewish Girlfriend” as the Blonde calls her. Which while potentially accurate because she is of that faith, a girl, and my friend it is an intense intellectual relationship based on geo political conversation, economic theory, and the environment, and not a physical one.   We sat a debated for hours while catching up on each others lives and families.  I truly miss her and our conversations.
The next day was filled with sun and locals as i went from place to place and meeting to meeting yet as day turned into night I found myself out at dinner waterside place with a woman who was an acquaintance of sorts.  We had a nice meal, some flirtatious conversation and then spent hours wallowing in the delights the city had to offer, waterfront properties, a vibrant after dark social life, a fast car and a vibe that is hard to describe but one that i feel at home with and always have. A stranger in a strange land, a gringo among Latinos.  Very well dressed, sensual ones at that in flirty skirts, skin tight jeans, plunging neck lines and to die for heels.  It was all in all harmless fun but great fun none the less.   Language was not the barrier it would be in the coming days but there is a way of life that to an American would seem odd but is part of their culture…it is by nature much more social.  I got to see the city from a locals view not a tourists, avoiding the cliche places for real ones.  It was a trend that would continue for the remainder of the week.
The next morning i woke up stupid early, made my way through the airport and 8 hours later found myself with passport in hand in the heart of a foreign nation in a city of few million people and a place that held great memories but that I had not been to since 1987 when i was young and alive all the time.  I spent the cab ride remembering Jocelyn from long ago. It was the first place I had ever had sex in a pool, in a hot tub and yes even in a few historical buildings…what can i say i was young yet i wouldn’t trade those times for anything,  She is part of my past and eternally young and beautiful in my memories.
Letting my contacts know i had arrived and all was well i was invited to dinner.  Now mind you I had literally brought 12 cliff bars into the country so i could not risk getting sick from the food…yet it seemed i couldn’t say no to their invite without being impolite.  We went to a fantastic place on the edge of a huge expat community.  My Spanish was worse than expected it started to come back some, i struggled though conversations in their language then we would shift back to mine.  Dinner was at 8:30 we didn’t get in until midnight and everywhere we passed was so alive.   The music spilled out into the streets and then i retreated back to the comfort and safety of my hotel which was exquisite.
The next day was all business but then came an invitation to go out again from another friend…to a more neighborhood place and with some of their friends.  Another late dinner, more women than men all dressed to kill, stunning in every way.  I was mistaken for Argentinian a few times and later learned it was my shirt style (funny i thought i looked like a banker without a tie).  We ate, and drank, there was some dancing and while it may all be in the hips mine don’t move like that as I’m more suited for a mosh pit yet I tried, and stumbled and laughed and generally had a good time.   In fairness even beyond my friends and their friends everyone who I encountered was great.  In a coffee shop where they struggled with my North Easter US accented Spanish as i tried to order, to the hotel, to the driver from a humble “yellow cab” company who knew less English than I did his language that looked out for me and where i was going from the first trip and through the help of the bellman i arranged to be the only one I’d ride with.  I’d tip at the end of each ride which i later learned wasn’t customary and I may have actually seen a tear in his eye as i said Adios this morning and slipped him a “Little Extra”.  I got his name and license number so when i go back he can lookout for me again. (yes I know i have trust issues thank you very much!)
Yet despite all of the bad things we hear about their country it was very much an urban environment like many others.  i stayed away from the countryside and trusted my friends and driver to tell me where was safe even for a well dressed gringo.  I walked the streets, visited a park or two, went into the locals stores and shops all with out incident.   This will be a occasional stop for me and there are so many more places that I’d like to see and a few that i would like to go back from my youth to appreciate again for their architecture and historic value.
Now if you’ll excuse me i need to figure out if Rosetta stone is tax deducible because i really need to get better if i want to enjoy even more of the local places.