The Missouri Misery’s Maiden Voyage

The Missouri Misery’s Maiden Voyage
the missouri misery spanking paddle by lord raven
“Am I Evil? Yes I am.” – Metallica
Am I evil? – Depends on whether or not you like a good mind fuck.
And now we begin – Often I have delusions of being a normal functional human being. You know one who lives inside the lines. Plays nice with everyone and all that other happy horse shit like going to the sub division picnic, making balloon animals and worrying about inane stupid shit like most people.  Not that guy…i can play him for short bursts but that’s about it.
So where most people who have a person they love who has a bad memory or fear of something – reasonable or otherwise will be gentle to their loved one and  would help them avoid it or work through it. Not me I learn about something like that, in particular kink related I’m the wicked prick that calls up a friend (Lord Raven in this case) and has a replica of the item that caused fear and consternation created for my personal collection to taunt them with if nothing else. Have I ever mentioned how cute they seem to look when it’s a mix of nerves and the anticipation shows on their face as they secretly curse me and wish we “could get started already?  At least that was the original plan.
A few days later enter a friend who has a fantasy she wants to act out – yet as usual someone’s in the fucking dark. I’m sitting at her house, her dog on my lap, licking my face as I tell her what pretty girl she is, and my friend as part of a nonstop diatribe jokes “and if I don’t do it right are you going to spank me?” Now I like a healthy amount of banter, playful taunts etc. “Only if you ask me nicely and hubby says it’s ok.” I growl back playfully. A few mockingly submissive words are tossed back in my direction and despite not intending to I snap into that mode where walking the line between going dark or letting her win by backing down. So I go dark with a retort explaining what I’d do…in a playful way of course. Considering she says some of the filthiest things I’ve ever heard I think nothing of it – word play nothing more.
“Fuck I bet her panties are soaked now” hubby chimes in. I offer a genuinely apologetic “sorry man I should have gone there” He just laughs and she turns white then flushes red with embarrassment. After all I took it as her just playing around and while I answered with an edge did not take it as an invite by someone who wanted to really play. More a friend who wanted to be shocking and found themselves in the deep end of the pool with a shark.
So skipping all the give and take we agreed upon the scene, her desires, his willingness to let it happen and a few other things…then I decided to move the date back by two days so my new toy that Raven had made for me would be here. I laughed as I told her, I think I could hear the lump in her throat form and choke her…just a little. Her trepidation was delightful!
Fast forward to the appointed time. I have gotten the stern disciplinarian bit down…and played that role yet again. In essence it was a predicable setting… naughty school girl, sent to the principal…rinse and repeat. The intention is not to blow off the set up just to get to the point, most of us know how that role play works on some level.
I had told her about the weight of the board – part to head fuck her and in part because the damn thing is heavy, it was mentioned how the holes would make it so her paddling would more, it could be swung faster etc. Whether this is real or folk lore who knows. Of course I greeted her and made he wait, hubby was bouncing with delight.
Then came the conversation and lecture…gone was the snarky woman form before. She too was in character and made a nice contrite little thing. All the while I had the paddle sitting in plain sight, her eyes drifted to it and then back in my direction but never really looking me in the eye…until I made her look at me and tell me she was ready. Cue the stomach drop sound effect.
First putting her into position where she could just barely see me get the board. Then those little taps as I positioned myself and my aim. A final warning was issued “are you ready?” A few seconds after replying the first swat landed on her stretched jeans. A gasp, a few heavy breaths and a whimper. Really after one good swat a whimper. This was going to be fun. The second landed – hard and on the same spot on her bottom as the first. A gasp bordering on a hiss as her body tensed and then went limp. The third brought with it a little scream – oh how lovely she was as vocal in play as she was when just being herself. I let that one settle in a little longer than the first two. Number four made her knees buckle and she fought to calm her breathing and just when she finally settled back in the fifth and final lick landed in the same spot as the previous four. After all she wanted an authentic punishment with a paddle…so I did my best to deliver both in form and force.
So once again am I evil? Without a doubt and with a good piece of wood in my hand the answer would be “Yes I fucking am but in a fun kind of way”
Postlude –
Soon I hope to get to play with my new toy a little more, and very much by design not at the same intensity. As for the design of the board it’s self it has a back story which I’ll save for another post in the interest of time. And despite the marks it left a good time was had by all.

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  1. I have its twin here for a visit. not identical because this one is missing the holes but the same size and color.
    I bet you had a great time, looking forward to the continuation of this.

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