Big Pink, a Touch of Glass, and a Fake Mouth

So this time around the topic for Kink Of the week is Dildos. So I will tell this somewhat shameful story. When I was about 18 I thought Dildos and in fact all sex toys were a sign that a man simply couldn’t deliver the proverbial goods, that they were something for men with limp dicks, women who couldn’t land a man even for the night, and of course girl on girl porn… in which case I had no objections. The more fake dongs the better! Yes I was a stupid closed minded young man and it took a very petite and very, very dirty little blond exhibitionist to show me…quite literally by showing the error of my ways. IF was fun and hot and I didn’t get left out of the action for the man made deviced. It added to rather than took from. And in what is my typical form once the possibilities were understood I was quite the enthusiastic convert and remain so to this day.
So forgiving me for my prior transgressions I will say that while not something I’d list as a fetish they are certainly something I enjoy on others and watching others use them. Which brings me to the story of “Big Pink”.
A Giant Pink Dildo and a normal sized glass dildoI had bought countless sex toys by the time I came across Pink years and years ago. Every So often you see a toy and it does everything but thwo itself into your shopping basket. It was at my local “Sunday” porn shop out in the burbs and the grumpy old dyke (who was a friend) at the counter bagged on me when I bought it. I didn’t care it was just big and thick enough to be intimidating to look at but not so large that it would be unusable. The first time it got put into action was memorable first for the comment she made as I fished it from the side of the bed “ How fucking big is it because the way your moving your arm scares me.” and the three screaming orgasms that left her in a puddle when I combined thrusting it’s length and very thick girth into and out of her with a vibe on her clit.
During that era it became the most requested toy in the bag and when it was retired from active duty ig became a perverted pink where’s Waldo type substitute in many of my pictures. I’d go out of my way to hide it somewhere in the frame of all my shoots for years, Big Pink still lives in the night stand next to my bed and every so often I think of putting it back into action but now it’s mostly ceremonial in nature.

A ginat pink latex dildo
A kind of long pretty thick dildo that has made a cameo in countless Malflic Photographs. So thick my massive paws can’t fully close around the base or mid shaft.

Then there is the ridged glass one. Not a favorite of hers but of mine. Despites the complaints I hear about it being “too hard”, “too cold”, and not natural feeling the fact of the matter is when used it gets her off consistently and intensely once she adjusts to the sensation.
And it’s that variability makes it appealing. I can offer different sensation’s a different size and at times even an exceptional if not unrealistic size to my lover to change things up. When playing with them I’m not a soft and slow type want prefer to use deep hard thrusts, I am not making love using them, I am no having sex with them in place of my own anatomy I am fucking you and doing it like I mean it. Odds are if they’re out she’s bent over, twisted in to some unnatural contortion, or just holding on for dear life in one way or another.
Now about that fake mouth…it was one of those cheesy cheap 90’s porn shop pre internet shopping type of sex toys equipped with horrendous fake red lips, and open mouth and innards that reminded me of a bad Sci-Fi movie effect. It was a change up sensation wise from a hand job but nothing to write home about. In fact she had a perfectly good and wonderfully talented mouth right there so I’d opt for the real thing.
Stories and history aside I don’t find dildos to be kinky but rather think they’re a reasonable tool in the tool box of any sexual and open minded person whether playing by themselves or with a partner. They can and should be used in way either sensual and erotically or with the intensity I tend toward it all depends on the people, preference, and mood . And as for frequency as long as the people involved are turned on and getting what they want out of it who cares if it’s every time, once a week, or once a year.
Sentimentality aside the vouyer in me finds a woman with a dildo doing a solo performance for me incredibly hot especially when she goes from putting on a show to being in the moment and forgets I’m there. the 18 year old version of me might have felt threatened, the middle aged me is more than happy to watch, play with and buy what ever didlo gets your off whether fleshy and soft or cold and stell to pretty glass…I’ve not crossed the threshold into mystical creatures yet…but there’s still time.
In fact I’m probably well overdue to buy some new ones for my toy kits and in fact have held off on a number of purchases because of the debates and feed back about the toxicity of materials and the accuracy of the labeling.
Perhaps will be the night I do a little shoping and buy something other than impact toys and rope. After all you can never have enough impact toys or rope and the same probably can be said for other sex toys too.
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3 Replies to “Big Pink, a Touch of Glass, and a Fake Mouth”

  1. This>>> ” the vouyer in me finds a woman with a dildo doing a solo performance for me incredibly hot especially when she goes from putting on a show to being in the moment and forgets I’m there.” I find soooo very hot. I love being watched, although it makes me squirm also (but in a good way) that intense glare as I am studied is such a fucking turn on to me. I really should write about that at some point as you have highlighted a little kink of mine there.
    I have done it on cam so many times, mainly for M when we were apart but since then once for someone whom he gifted the experience to for their birthday… just thinking about that now I making me wet.

  2. There’s not much I can say. After reading Molly’s (very hot) comment, what can I say? Your post didn’t make me wet – hahahaha – but I did enjoy it very much!
    I hope you enjoy your kinky shopping!

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