Pig Tail Are My Kryptonite

First off let me say how genuinely flattered I am at having Jade not only pick this as a topic but for allowing me to be her guest host. In many ways she serves as a muse for me and I often draw on both her writing and our friendship for my own inspiration.
Superman has his weakness…kryptonite. And while I have many none are more powerful than pig tails.
I went out on a limb on this one and asked the Chesty Blonde if she would doll herself up a bit and put her hair in pig tails then let me take a few pictures. I have asked her to do a lot of things over the years and some of them are fairly kinky but wearing pig tails which seemed innocuous was never one of them. Add to that I have only taken pictures of her when she specifically dressed up for me a few times in all our time together and never naked. What I received was a look of bemused disgust.
After a lengthy explanation about me being the guest host, a review of a few other recent topics we then took a quick stroll through the address book on my phone it revealed 15 women with pig tails as their contact icon. 12 of which were pure serendipity (9 of which are running friends who had raced this past weekend and updated their profile pics – pig tails are race day and long run looks for them), 3 were beach pictures but then there were the 3 where it was intentional; all of which are kinky friends. The Blonde’s comment “that explains a lot why women are always texting you pictures of themselves in pig tails.”
Had we gone through the picture gallery there would have been even more and very few of them would have been of the running set.
I find pig tails sexy…on the right person still the rest of the look needs to fit the personality or mood whether sporty, Bohemian, or sassy. Still they are not a fetish in and of themselves. They have a disarming effect on me,  a sexy confident woman in pig tails can break my facade and something about them takes me back to my younger days…yet I don’t do age play. Perhaps it’s the mix of  woman’s knowing playfulness and that hint of corruptible innocence that still gets me.
Sure I have a bit of an adult school girl fetish (I blame on my Private School Experience ; a somewhat fictional account) but Pig Tails don’t seem to factor into that look as a “requirement”. However they are a kink that unlike most of them in that I can tell you when and where they first hit me in an extremely carnal way. It was at Quaker Steak and Lube (that’s really the name) in Robinson Township Pa. I was in my late 20’s she was in her mid 20’s with pig tails down to her short shorts clad hips and was working the entire package in a big way.
Most kinks are ones where I’m very open about it. Bondage- been there done that and always happy to learn new things. Spanking – hey that’s where this kink thing all started, Wax, and about a million other things and I’m right there on Front Street openly admitting I’m into whatever facet of it. Pig Tails though are another thing entirely…a mostly unspoken and stealth kink; until now of course.
Of course I can be a bit of a hair puller and pig tails when playing with rag doll with a friend make such wonderful handles.
As for where is my Pig Tailed Partner?   She did agree to pose with certain restrictions (no face, no”real” nudity etc) but life and my travel interceded so perhaps in a week or two when we can steal a few minutes together again without interruptions we’ll finally have time to take the pictures and I’ll be sure to share them .
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Finally here is a nearly 10 year old account of an outing with friends that while not kink related and paints one of them in a an accurate but cruel light based on behavior evening,  Of course it also deals with my long standing attraction to women with Pig Tails.  MMMmmm Raver girls another exquisite pleasure!

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  1. That’s okay, I made sure to post plenty of pictures for you on this topic. And thank you for suggesting this. It’s nice, as always, to get a glimpse of what your preferences are.

    1. Cammies,
      Stunning pictures as always and far more creative than anything I had in mind for the Blonde.

  2. Knowing this about you ignites a wicked streak in me that for a moment wishes I had longer hair. I would be so tempted to use it to see if i got a reaction…. sadly, my hair will not play that game and so instead I shall have to imagine it

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