An Unsolicited Cane-Iac Customer Experience

First off as always when I talk about a product, publication, or company let’s get the facts straight right up front. Just like usual in this case what you are about to read is my own experience, no one asked me to write it, no compensation was given, and I spent my own money on the stuff. I’m not in any way affiliated with them and have nothing to gain if you buy their goods. Generally speaking we don’t do product reviews unless it’s on gear we bought to support our kinks and play. There will be one exception in the near future of a toy review by AK & LR and it will be properly noted as such. But we will hold to the same standards of honesty about the experience and quality.
So let’s begin. As most of you know spanking was my first kink and remains one of the mainstays. For years I’ll admit that I’ve been aware of Cane-Iac, seeing their products in the occasional video (Dana Kane tips for Tops, etc) and surfing their site thinking about what it might be nice to have. Recently I began refreshing some of my kink and other sex toy stuff (rope, vibes, plugs, paddles, etc) and decided to add some more sting to my very thud heavy assortment of impact toys. Who knows maybe I’ll find some who likes sting to play with or maybe I’ll just be a sadistic prick.
So I sent an @ reply to Alice on twitter with a link to their site and looped them in as well. It was a classic case of social media selling at work. The good folks over at the company mentioned an upcoming sale and provided a discount code (they provided the same code in a general tweet a day later). It’s not meant as a knock, there is nothing wrong with selling and I was an active prospect long before the tweet went out. In fact it’s meant as a compliment because I went from intending to buy a strap (or two) to getting 5 times that (Rubber and Acrylic paddles anyone?). Why because I had a coupon and well you can never have too many toys, in particular slappy whacker things (an obviously non technical term for paddles, canes, and straps)!
Since the one bottom I play with and ask for input from neglected to provide any feed back or wish list items what is an evil top to do? Ask again? Wait patiently? Hell no I picked out things I wanted and a few I thought she might absolutely hate due to the sting level.
So I filled my basket, signed up for an account so I could easily get more down the road if the need arouse and then checked out via PP using my beloved black card. You know because it matches my soul perfectly!
So this is where Cane-Iac’s efficiency began to stand out. I got my receipt, a thank you email, and another follow up. Sure it was automated but the verbiage was well structured, appreciative and not pitchy, meaning they didn’t try to up sell me anything else. In fact they not only thanked me but made sure I was aware of their 100% satisfaction policy. It’s one thing to mention it up front but to be so committed to their customer’s happiness even after the sale made them once again stand out in the best light possible. Anyone who uses Go Daddy or Vista Print knows that up sell routine and it was completely absent and very much appreciated. Less than two days later I received the shipping notification and then the tracking info! Now there was nothing to do but wait and hope Mother Nature didn’t disrupt anything, and for once she didn’t.

A Sample of the great pacaking on Mal's order from Cane-Iac
Yes Mal’s a Giant NERD & was impressed with the packaging.

The box arrived as promised, unmarked and not a single hint of the wonderful kinkiness contained inside. Yes I know they said it would be discreet but in fact it really was and completely so. The contents were well packed, the implements were gathered in two bundles of bubble wrap and the top of the carton was filled with additional packing material to ensure things arrived without shifting or being damaged in transit. The packing slip was clear, concise and easy to read even with my old eyes.
Typically I’m not a guy who worries about price but the ability to get a number of new toys to try for the price I did is what really led to adding more to what I originally had planned.
Green Rubber spanking Paddle
This little thing packs some serious sting!

So for my money (roughly 90 dollars U.S.D. including shipping) I got a wonderful assortment of things including a rubber paddle that will make a few people crawl right out of their skin. I had been coveting the above mentioned rubber paddle since seeing a similar one in Atlanta last fall elsewhere for 45 dollars. Even when it comes to me who wants to spend that kind of money on a toy that someone may safe word out of after a few swats but for 11 bucks it was worth a try. A test slap on the palm of my hand confirmed how wicked the damn thing is. (insert a giant evil grin)
A purple acrylic paddle because I’m a sucker for color when it comes to rope and sex toys and the idea of a bright purple acrylic paddle was too much to pass up for the price of three cups of coffee. Two straps (an otk model and a much more wicked full sized one), and a naughty stick (come on I had to buy a little something wooden). When they arrived every item was in good condition, clean, and the ones with a loop had a small removable tag on it with their logo.
And there was one more positive- a quite unexpected thank you gift in the box.  That until I took a moment to realize it had been intentionally included by reading the note attached had me trying to remember if i ordered the item or if it had been included in error and how to go about making sure they got paid for it.
And to think it all started because I wanted a leather strap to use OTK so I could leave my belt on. Certainly there will be a few bottoms that are either thrilled or worried…either way is just fine. Now to arrange to give all then new stuff a proper test run. Hmmm.  Any takers?
Just a final reminder:
No one asked me to write this and frankly I didn’t ask for permission either.   We don’t plan on doing reviews for money, free products, or any other such reason as a regular part of the site now or in the future. Not that there is anything wrong with it but it’s just not part of our (ok MY) plan. This site is a labor of love and even though I’m a corporate whore monger and money grubbing pagan by day (with really great wing tips) this site is not and never will be about such things.

– Mal

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  1. I have bought from them and been equally happy with every part of the experience.. Order, shipping, accuracy and product quality. Absolutely recommend.

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