Reality vs Fantasy is Perspective

Malflic's legs in the bath tub

Admittedly there isn’t much that’s sinful here. Just my less than sensual legs.   For years I’ve enjoyed all the pictures my pervy and exhibitionist friends have sent or shared in memes like this.   Some of the most memorable have been the ones taken in the bath. All of them sensual, seductive, artsy and beautiful.  Well constructed and often I image planned for a staged wonderfully alluring and tempting.
This one perhaps not so much which explains why I usually shower rather than soak in the tub.
Sinful Sunday

15 Replies to “Reality vs Fantasy is Perspective”

  1. oh the comments i could give… but then i would end up flirting haha
    really this is a lovely picture, you have great legs and the innocence of the pic inspires my mind in naughty ways… tease is the word i need haha

  2. I agree with Shalla… I am in danger of flirting too. I love that image allows my mind to wander… and imagine the rest of the view. It is a seductive thought

  3. I absolutely love this image! Sometimes the sexiest pictures are the ones that aren’t planned out and just happen. I think reality makes it much easier for us all to relate to and as such our minds creates the fantasy to follow this image, well mine did anyway…

    1. Quizzi,
      Thank you for the comment. I tried to return the favor but had some technical issue and couldn’t comment on your post.. In short Yeah for bravery. It’s a lovely photo and I hope to see more of them

  4. What? Flirting isn’t allowed? Since when? Ok, I will behave myself – it looked like you are enjoying a well deserved relaxing bath.

  5. I am with SilverDom, to flirt of not…hummm. Love the relaxed look of the pic, just a candid moment of the day.

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