Horsing around with Pony Play

Sometimes you find kinks naturally and sometimes you’re standing at a party having a few cocktails when your childhood best friend’s newest girl friend begins explaining how much she got off on the Sleeping Beauty series. Then she delves into how she likes dressing up and prancing like a horse while being whipped.  Did I mention it was the first time I met her?   From there the conversation, one in which I was simply listening and nodding along for my part went on for hours and countless details.
That my friend’s is how I came to learn about Pony Play, the attraction between the two suddenly made sense.  Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t usually hard up for partners but he also wasn’t exactly Casanova. He liked his women like Bill Clinton did during his time as governor.   And well she was a little too cheerleader hot and a little too main stream looking for his usual tastes.  He did however come from a family that owned a large farm that featured 2 dedicated horse barns.  BTW that is a true story and it’s also the first and only time I ever drank the poison know a Jagermeister  which is another fascination that many have that I don’t really get.  Now back to the kink of the week.
As for me Pony Play is not something I’ve ever tried.  Sure I’ve watched a few scenes here and there from time to time. Just because it doesn’t trip my trigger doesn’t mean that I’m not curious about others’ interest and head space.  After all on a lot of levels I like when my play partners wear costumes or dress up for the occasion.
For me though perhaps because I grew up around horses (including my grandfather who owned some race horses that made even my most high maintenance partners look like a walk in the park). Maybe the fact that as much as I adore the creatures and find them beautiful I don’t like to ride is part of why it doesn’t do much for me.  Did I mention my grandfather thought I might be small enough to be a jockey?   Have you seen me? I could be 2.25 jockeys. He bet on the wrong horse!
On a more serious note in a way my limited interest is because I lack the creativity to step out of my role to become something I’m not.  It’s people that I find erotic and sexual, and yes sometimes they are in a roles and even costumes but at the core they’re still people whether it’s the naughty school girl, or whatever kink.  In general that what makes it work for me and why Pony Play and even other pet play doesn’t seem to.
I will however still feed anyone who would like sugar cubes.  It may not count as pony play but is what I did every time I snuck out of the house and away to the barn.
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  1. pony play is interesting to watch but like you I just don’t get it. The whole crop thing and whips yeah I am down with that but being put in gear and made to prance around like a show horse and pull a cart or have someone ride you. Just not my kind of kink but I admire those who enjoy it.
    Great post and it is not surprising you would have a person open up like that in the first meeting

  2. LOVE the vintage fetish! 🙂
    I don’t know if you saw my post on pony play yet, but if not, take a read. It may explain a bit what I, at least, get out of it. 🙂
    Hey don’t forget to post your link on the KOTW blog!

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Ironically I had read Molly’s piece just as part of my regular perving. but didn’t pay attention to the title so when I went to link though maybe i was having an ADD moment and had already done it.

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  5. I think what is great is understanding other’s kinks without the criticism. I want to enjoy what turns other people on, like last week’s sneaker topic. I may not get it but I find it wonderful that we are all different yet can respect the differences. The idea of pony play does turn me on but most likely will remain a fantasy.

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