A Very Special Night of Supporting Love & Freedom

A Very Special Night of Supporting Love & Freedom
Purple stiped high heel shoeRecently I was extremely honored to be invited to a friend’s surprise engagement party.  It would be a first for me in a lot of ways beginning with I’ve never actually gone to an engagement party let alone a surprise one.   Rarely do I become emotional but was in fact truly touched by being included as part of the event.   It was scheduled for Valentine’s Day and after working through logistics with Chesty Blonde and the Kids I committed to being there with a plus one that was TBD (the Blonde, one of the kids, or perhaps a date to be named later).
Fast forward to this past Wednesday,  a message that the plans have changed due to travel demands shows up.   Trust me I get this one having missed the chance to spend some over due time with a friend last month because my own plans changed (and I’m still really bummed about it).  So the fire drills began, I had the easy part, just show up. After committing to being there without out checking anyone else’s calendar in the house.   This is sticking with the new and improved 2014 plan of doing what I want and fuck the rest of you.  Later informing my girls of the change and inviting all of them to join me.  My plus one is now a plus three.   Not exactly a date night but with two teenage daughters the idea of going to a surprise engagement party was a bit too much to resist.   While that may sound gender biased it’s not meant to be so bear with me a little.
Friday morning the house I buzzing (by morning I mean about 1pm for them and 7 hours into my work day). The procession of three beautiful women getting ready begins at roughly 2 (we’re not leaving until 6pm).   Everyone is excited, all of us can’t wait to get there, to be with some of my other friends, to enjoy a great meal at an interesting place and to see the entertainment which was a top notch drag show of course along with the surprise marriage proposal thrown in the middle.   Even the Blonde who hedged a bit the night before based on weather concerns is really into it.
We pile into the car. Excitement is in the air and mixing with their perfumes.  All are stunning and of course I’m dressed as one would expect, a bit too formally and slightly reserved.   The conversation buzzes incessantly with questions about the night’s schedule, the plans, and random lines from songs not related to anything else as the GPS screams through the din telling us missed yet another turn.   We arrive right at the appointed time, not early as I had hoped but on time is a small victory in our world. The weather held out and we enter the establishment.  Let the fun and surprises begin!
Most of the group is already seated including the guest of honor.  We wave and say hello.  Then a young man with the best skin I have ever seen and immaculate eyebrows arrives to take our drink order. He is even by my estimation drop dead gorgeous so as the girls swoon the debate begins on whether or not to ask who does his brows (he does them himself). The cocktails begin to flow for the adults and Lil (my 15 year old) is in full blown shoe envy with all the heels in the place.   After an hour (Drag Queen time of course) the show began. This was the first drag show any of my girls had ever been too.  The Blonde said it was so much better than the stripper her friends got her when they were in college, Diva waived dollars at the ladies as they passed by marveling at their makeup and confidence, and Lil after stunning the hostess during a little playful banter with her age concluded that her own style of conversation is more akin to a sassy queen than a nice Midwestern girl which is just fine by her.
The establishment was classy in a wonderfully tacky kind of way, the food was very tasty.  The stage split the tables in the main floor dining area. The Queens were wonderful, friendly, playful,  and the costumes exquisite.  The ladies took obvious pride in their work.  Their body types ranged from tall and thin to very curvy, hmmm just like real people not the models we see on TV. Of course the show was the rouse, the reason for an early Tim Gunn type Valentine’s Day Surprise with the guests as the surprise. And yes B was surprised but the best was yet to come when his partner C got up on stage and sang to him.   It was beautiful and touching, then came the proposal.  B was completely blindsided, it was unexpected, a complete surprise.  No one could take their eyes off the couple.  It was as close to a scene from a romantic movie as I’ve ever been a part of.  The Tiffany’s box came out and the room went silent.  He said yes! Of Course he said yes and then the cheers began.  A few moments later as the MC tried her best to get the show back underway it took a few minutes for everyone and everything including gobs of complete strangers to settle back down.
My girls looked on in wonder.   I couldn’t take my eyes off of B.   I have run countless miles with the man and never seen him so winded, so overwhelmed, and completely off guard.   None of us could have been happier for them, the girls sneaking closer to see his ring at the very first chance.  After the show concluded we began our goodbye’s all of us very grateful for having been included in such a special night for the boys.  As I said my farewells I grabbed B and hugged him.   It is out of character for me to initiate a hug with rare exception.  I’m not normally a person who shows his emotions but I had a sense of joy that even my old cynical heart can’t deny.   In the end, after all is said and done seeing two people so in love is a powerful thing.
Congratulations to both of you.  May you have a lifetime of happiness together!
I would have wanted to be there no matter what for friends who asked but will admit that it took on even more importance to me and frankly to the girls because these friends are a same sex couple. We’re lucky that we have people of all orientations, relationships types, and backgrounds as part of our everyday lives.  In a way it was also form of political and religious protest for all of us, we believe it doesn’t matter who you love.  In the hope that by being there perhaps maybe someone else will see the light that it doesn’t matter who chooses to love each other, that love is all that really matters.
These are friends of mine who know nothing of my own lifestyle other than as a family we very openly support the right to love who you choose.  They have no idea that I write about sex, that I participate in the things that I do, or have the complicated relationships that I have.  More importantly we weren’t there as the Malflic’s but as family unit under our real names.  The pictures and comments are on our birth names social sites, all of which are more popluar than anything I do here.  Ironically if I opt to share my feelings of how special this night was with them, how amazing it was to be part of it through this post it will in my own way be a coming out of sorts.
Finding that connection that makes everything feel special is the important thing and I can’t say it enough how much fun we had, how special the evening will be for all of us for years to come and how proud we are to have such wonderful friends.

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  1. What a wonderful story! I’m so glad you made it to the event, with all three lovely women in tow! I can imagine you all made a spectacular “unit.” 🙂

    1. The best part was one of the other guests thought all three were my daughters. Of course the Blonde Was thrilled by that. We’re planning a return visit in late spring with some of Diva’s friends along with some of ours. Of course you’re always welcome to join.

    1. The place was about 18 blocks or so straight out the front door from the hotel you were at last time. Ya know in case you ever make it back to town without the kiddos.

  2. it sounds like a beautiful and amazing evening. I am so glad you were able to be there. I think drag shows are a lot of fun but when they are done like you tell it here they are amazing.

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