Call me Mister Argyle Brightstripes

Green,gray and Blue Argle sock and black boots
Not a staged photo but literally what I was already wearing when I went over to see what the Kink of the Week was.

Socks are not part of my kink per say.  Oh sure I love seeing ladies legs in all those playful ,fun, and sexy socks but that’s not a kink for me just the admiration of the female form, the socks are just a bonus. Yet I have an obsession with socks and it stems back to my youth.  It occurred long before the recent trend of department stores and men’s magazines choosing to sell patterns and dots and crazy stripes to the world.
Socks aren’t an extension of my kink, there is nothing sexual about them but they are an extension of the subversive human being that I am.
Where it all began…  Private school!  Frankly it’s the root of most of my kinks and quirks.  The shirt, ties, pants, blazers, and sweaters were all picked for you.  The only form of self expression a person could make with clothing was their socks.   So I did.  Wild argyle, little no see athletics socks before they were mainstream just to piss off the nuns.  Red, Pink, electric monkey shit green or whatever color I could find that was outrageous.  Sure there were guys who matched their shoes or matched their pants.  Fucking conformists!  I was not one of those.
My love of paisley, plaid, and argyle continued into adulthood.  Vanity socks got added to the mix of designer logos, golf clubs, tennis racquets, cock tail glasses, dancing girls etc.  After all my de facto and most comfortable look in most situations is that of the corporate world; a conservative usually dark suit.   I may look like your banker or your lawyer in my solid gray suit, spread collar, tie, and beloved wing tips but the socks are a nod to the other part of me.
Don’t let the nice hair cut and oh gee whiz look and big vocabulary fool you I’m the guy who will fuck your wife, do very dirty things to your sister and not remember her name, who just left a sex party in Vegas with three women when the sun came up, or spent the weekend doing evil things like shopping for this.
So next time you see that well dressed conservative fellow in outlandish colorful socks ask yourself.  Is this someone you want to play with?  Does he know your safe word? Then think of me.  After all the socks probably are a tell tale sign of serial nonconformists.
Kink of the Week

5 Replies to “Call me Mister Argyle Brightstripes”

  1. Hmm…definitely something to think about when seeing a man in colorful socks! I can see where that might freak out the nuns 🙂

  2. I do love a man who likes his socks bold and funky…. When I see it it always makes me smile and I see it as a non conformist streak…. maybe cause I have one too

  3. Can you do a 30 days post challenge featuring pictures of your socks? It might not be a kink for you, but I’m sure it could be very enjoyable.
    My best friend also went to Catholic school and preferred crazy socks. Though it’s much easier to find those for girls.

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