Very Mean Things

Her skin glowed red, cheeks stained with tears
Her body still shaking from being closer to the edge than she had dared go in years.
Sweat still beading on her bare, raw, still exposed skin
Knowing where she is going based on the hell that has already been.
I was not hers, and she is not mine.
Just two dark souls sharing a few hours of stolen time.
His pleasure her pain. Her pain an exquisite sin,
When the demon came knocking she invited him in.
She shook and she’d shake then silent then screams
Living so boldly her dark depraved dreams.
Then on went her dress and on went her heels
To cover most of the marks from their sick little thrills.
She teetered, and tottered and made for the door
Part lady, part vixen, part Siren, part whore.
Then she paused and she looked into his softening blue eyes.
“Oh before I forget…Hubby Says hi.
With that she slinked and she kissed him
And as she straightened her rings
She blushed once again for doing to her those “Very mean things”

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