Dark Secret Love – A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler- A Review

Dark Secret Love - A Story of Submission book coverI don’t read a lot of bondage and S&M erotica, I’m more of a live it or how to book kind of guy.  As a matter of fact this is the first full length kink novel I’ve picked up in decades (excluding anthologies).   So early on I found myself both engrossed in “Dark Secret Love” and frankly a bit disturbed, though not in a bad way.  It’s supposed to be at least in part a fantasy, I get that.  The story is well structured, well edited, and moves along quickly.  Samantha (Sam) the female submissive lead is endearing, young, of course pretty, and at times lost; in a youthful kind of way.  Though aren’t we all at 22?   Perhaps her most endearing feature is she’s not portrayed as weak.  She is strong, just on her own terms.
What struck me though, what haunted me more than a few times through the book was the body language, the words and in some cases the actions of the Dominants.  Not because they were so far flung they weren’t believable because they were often a little close to home.  Of course there was a bit of fantasy woven in to keep things humming, make the characters more interesting, sexier, etc. but if you’ve been to a few dungeons or have those kinky fantasies nothing really was a deal breaker.  The discomfort was not because they fit the cliché of the stereo type dim witted or usurious Top, secret rituals or even the “lost innocence” of a yet to be known in the biblical sense let alone kinky young woman that has sold so well elsewhere.  Again allowing for a bit of poetic license the characters were in essence real.  What drew me in, what caught me off guard and disturbed me and made it so I didn’t put the book down but chose to read it more or less straight through was that it seemed like someone had been looking in and listening to me play, fuck, and live somewhere along the way.
That is part of the beauty of the writing. It is done in a way where the characters are strong and solid but not so defined that it doesn’t allow the reader to imagine people they know, or fantasize about and place them in to the story.   I heard words roll off their lips that I’ve said or heard uttered in one way or another.  The Tops tap in to Sam’s “needs” while making her own her desires and verbalize them;  which outside of the pages of a book is a huge kink of mine.  If being forced to tell another person your desires or making someone tell you what they want and why is a big turn on for you then this book will leave more than aroused in a few places.
So with the names changed from the author’s own life how much has been embellished it’s hard to say but it is an enjoyable book none the less.   Heavy on impact play (mainly spanking) and a bit of restraint and other kinks it ties into both Sam’s own feelings and head space nicely without being pure action or turning it into a love story.   The plot was laid in a refreshing light and was done in a way that was not over wrought lost little girl “Oh god come save me” type of emotions.  She knew what she liked, what she wanted, and even what she needed.  While certainly letting others take the lead like a good submissive she went into new situations with those secrets hidden but no so well that others couldn’t see them.
Over all a fun escape for those so inclined looking for hot scenes and sex with a M/F orientation.
Disclaimer: As always honesty and openness works best for me.  I was contacted by the publisher and given this book review at no cost me.  No other compensation has been offered nor would it have been accepted. As I have said before this site is not about money and never will be.   Had I not liked it would have said so and told you why. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to have someone read me a few of the scenes and watch her blush while she tries to figure out whether I’m just making her read or am I planning to play rough.

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  1. I’m so glad I found this review on Twitter–so I could read it here. I am interested in a book like this and plan on buying it based on this thoughtful, well-written review. What I like most about this is as an erotica writer, I always think of my readers as women . . . . that has now changed.

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