Remind Me to Spank You Later

Funishment…or play punishment is the Kink of the Week topic this time around and it would be harder to pick a topic that was more in my wheelhouse and better defined my kink than this one.  My play, even my hard and mean play is just that play and often ends with a lot of laughter.   And since I hate rules as a rule real punishment has never been my thing but I’ll admit I learned a lot on that topic a few weeks back that I’m reconsidering.
But since the topic is FUNishment let’s start with…
Bad Funishment Pick UP Lines
Funishment is a whole different game and one that I enjoy greatly.  For me it’s a chance to do something that I enjoy; typically spanking someone in a light hearted and playful way. It’s not that I don’t like heavier scenes with harder play and brooding overtones because I certainly do. However playing in an almost silly set up allows me to connect with my partner of a variety of different levels.   It’s a chance to tease and taunt and nudge and needle in a good hearted way.  If you’re around me and someone I play with long enough even in a “normal” setting you will without a doubt hear corn ball phrases outside of a scene, sometimes whispered, sometimes stated as plainly as asking for a cup of coffee from a barista like …
Me – “Remind me to spank you later (when we get home, before bed, etc)”
TCB “I’ll be sure to do that right after you’ve (left the room, gotten to another city, fallen asleep)” or the ever popular “Yeah You know how good my memory is”   She never seems to remind me.  I really need to do something about that.
Me – “oh I guess YOU need another trip across my lap”
Alice King – no response before instantaneously throwing herself from across the room bare assed over my knee and telling me “Yes I do, And why don’t you see how long you can keep it red this time.  Oh look here’s a paddle so you don’t hurt your hand.”
Me –  Mockingly “Are you really going to make me (insert Funishment of choice) you again? You know how I hate that.”
Pick a Play Partner –  “Yes”  Insert role of the eyes before asking where and how I want them positioned
Me–  “Remember the rule is you come to bed with a cold bottom I get to warm it up anyway I want to”
TCB – “Be NICE!”  For the record typically I am
Me – “Go get me something to beat you with…whenever you’re ready of course”
My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette Circa 2011 – She showed up 5 minutes later with half the torture devices needed for a well equipped dungeon.    “… Here (drops an armload of impact toys on the couch) since you can never seem to make up your mind.” For the record I used them all and don’t think she was even a little bit surprised by that.
There are a million variations.  Sometimes it’s done for pure banter, on occasion it’s to put the other person in a head space for what I plan to do or not do later (* more on this below) and I’m known to announce my intention days or hours before we get to play.  It is a subtle mind fuck element I like to add to the funishment.  Sometimes out of necessity because of time and access. Sometimes even though it’s going to be play I want you thinking about what I might do to you with either a sense of excitement, fear, or a healthy dose of both. Odds are since I’m such a softly I’ll just swat you on the bottom over your jeans half heartedly and call it done (and if you believe that I’ve got a few bridges to sell you) but now to follow up on the *
*In a way it’s me asking a person I know well if they want to play; playfully.  It gives them an out if they’re simply not into it at that moment without having to say no.  They just don’t take the bait so to speak.  If the topic gets brought up later or they jump in to “that” role then we play.  If not it was just an overture to be picked up on when the time is right.   Passive aggressive topping?  Maybe but it works in several places for me i is also a great example me being a smart ass.
Role Play
While I’ve done some role play scenes and can play a part when asked to mostly though I likescenes that are somewhat dynamic and  playful banter that isn’t scripted and is authentic.  Outside of kink witty jabs, and verbal jousting is fun for me so it only fits that a certain amount of that would work for me in play as well.
“Where’s my paddle if you hid it again I’m going to spank that smart little ass of yours a lot harder with something far worse…” oh right back to the post
Tell Me What You want: I am a top, I am a dominant but what I am not is a god, a mind reader, or an effectively intuitive human being at guessing what you want. I pay attention, I’ll ask you to play but really it’s ok to ask me as well and tell me (nicely) how or what you want.  Even a funishment can be done creatively and be of the bottom’s own doing.  Very little is as hot for me as a naughty woman confessing to her misdeeds relatively unannounced.  Let’s face it there is something in even the most contrived type of admission such as taking too deep of a breath that works for me.   So start off with “I’ve been a (bad girl, dirty little…, complete…,  fucked three nuns in a confessional, or what ever) and need to be…(your game you pick it and odds are I’ll listen and improvise).
Sure I will arbitrarily decide to do something, I will take the lead most of the time but If I’m missing the boat or you want something specific I’m good with direct requests.  In fact I  like it and get off on it in a big way when you come to me and nervously “ask for it” you very naughty girl.  Odds are I will readily agree you need to be punished.
Going Dark
Fun and games aside usually I’m not planning to truly manhandle someone during a funishment scene.  A little fighting back or protests during light hearted play is fine but push to far, really start fighting or resisting and what was light and playful can go dark and heavy quickly.   Everyone has triggers and I want to deliver a scene that the bottom wants within their boundaries but if pushed or truly challenged instinct and aggression can kick in.
For me usually it’s tied to physical resistance as a way to try to take over the play and it will go one of two ways.    Most often I’ll stop cold and have a conversation trying to understand.  The other option is I will no longer be playing nice. I will pin your ass and the rest of you to whatever and light you up until I’ve decided I’m done unless there is a safe word uttered.
Want a takedown where I fight you to the ground and really work you over?  No problem set it up that way but don’t go from ouch, ouch, stop it type play to a maniac with no warning if actual resistance wasn’t part of what was discussed.  Trust me I’d love to play rough with you and toss you around like a rag doll if I’ve agreed to play with you in anyway.
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  1. OK you had me with the ‘going dark’ section…. I guess in my head I don’t class that as Play Punishment but ‘Fight Play’ or maybe ‘resistance play’ (I might have just made those terms up 😉 both of which are a massive part of my kink

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