You Are Simply Perfect

Do you want to know what makes the perfect pussy?  At least from this male’s perspective? The answer is simple.  It has nothing to do with the shape of the outer lips, or the color of the folds.  And yes I’m all too aware of the old locker room talk and Porno babble about the desire to have it be so very tight but at the end of it all that really doesn’t matter, at least not to me. And I’m sure if you were looking at any piece of anatomy solely as a piece of art detached from everything else that would be something to consider in a different manner but that’s not only not reality it’s also not interesting to me on a sexual level at all.
At the end of the day there are always other things one could debate about a Pussy some of them valid (truly medical or health related issues) and most of them contrived misplaced wives tales or uneducated aloof statements passed on by prudes, zealots, governments, and worst of all insecure women themselves.  What is it about the very essence of every woman’s sexuality that is so truly powerful that it scares the world?  That it must be hidden and talked about in only hushed tones?   The media is no help. They are all too happy as they politely advertise on Television and in magazines about freshness and itching and the like and how their products can help.  They propagate, at least from my perspective more uncertainty and unrealistic expectations about what makes a woman a woman. None of these things or the lack of them are what really makes the perfect pussy.  It is the woman attached to it and her confidence in who she is, the comfort in her own skin, in knowing what she wants, and being able to express it both sexually and in everyday life.
A little know fact is I’ve been having sex with the same woman for roughly 24 years now.  I know how shocking and deranged that is, so please try to forgive me.  To say I know her pussy well would be a bit of an understatement.   What I have always found somewhat interesting is that even after all this time, a couple of kids, and few vacations that allowed her to be displayed in all her natural glory, there is at least for my wife still something somewhere  that makes her modest if not self conscious about “that” part of her when it comes to others.   By nature she is not an exhibitionist for many of the external reasons mentioned above.
It was years into our relationship before she would even refer to it as her pussy with any regularity.  Here is an educated woman who worked in medicine that was shy about discussing things with me beyond a clinical sense.  Sure she’s not often much for talking dirty (fortunately I’m good enough at it for the both of us) and that still tends to be when she’s most often called it that.  Before then the requests were to “touch me some more” or to do things to “her” in this way or that, the part of her implied and rarely asked for directly even in clinical terms let alone a everyday vernacular.  Perhaps in a significant way there was a beauty in it, that is was simply a part of her, nothing more and nothing less.
To me it is odd. After all knowing her as I do, having seen it from every possible angle, in almost every imaginable situation from the throes of passion, to child birth, to random peeks and everything in between from the light of day to the dark of night. I have seen it shaved, waxed, trimmed, and fully bushed.  No one way is better than another, no one way makes it more or less appealing it simply varies slightly the way I interact or how she prefers me to interact and the responses each kind of touch gets.   I’ve spent countless hours inside of it, not to mention licking, kissing, sucking, stroking and petting.  And while it is a part of her I adore, lust for and crave to be in contact with the real driving force, the lasting appeal, the true desire is because it part of her.  That is the magic it’s hers.
While much of the modesty had faded not all of it, in fact I’ve never taken a single picture of it, nor have I asked to prior to writing this post. I have spent more than half of my life with intimate knowledge of it and adore how certain touches elicit different reactions at different times.   How sometimes a few words or a look makes her hungry with desire and other times all the effort in the world can’t create the same effect.  Perhaps that’s what scares the world, what scares men, and what led to an over indulged sense of secrecy about women in general.
If you garner nothing else from my words remember this confidence is sexy. Never let anyone, man or woman, lover or random stranger, harlot or preacher, media company or institution tell you otherwise.
To deny the beauty of something that defines you as a woman is letting a person with no right to do so steal your power. And in that sense be proud, never question, never doubt, and never surrender because perfection is exactly what you already have.
Pussy Pride

5 Replies to “You Are Simply Perfect”

  1. I still can’t believe you haven’t taken a picture.
    And what is it with women feeling comfortable in their own skin? I’d trade mine in today if I could find the receipt. 😉
    Love ya!

  2. This is beautiful. It actually bought tears to my eyes, the tender and loving way you talk about your wife and this part of your life together is just perfect.
    Thank you for writing this lovely piece for The Pussy Pride Project. It is lovely to have more contributions and especially from men as there is a bit of a shortage of male writers on this subject

  3. “It is the woman attached to it and her confidence in who she is, the comfort in her own skin, in knowing what she wants, and being able to express it both sexually and in everyday life.”
    I loved reading this, loved hearing this male perspective and validation of such a positive message. Thank you!

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