#EroticonUSA After the Fact and Before the Drop Malflic’s Take

#EroticonUSA After the Fact and Before the Drop Malflic’s Take
Before even leaving brunch I had called a few friends telling them “You have to come next time”. While at the airport I was texting a few others who have been writing longer and far better than me taunting them a bit with what they missed but offering to share what I had learned in calls or meet ups in the next few weeks.
On the flight back at a few points I wanted to just hug the beautiful woman next to me and say “Do you know how amazing this weekend was?” I did manage to hold back for two reasons, one you shouldn’t just hug random women who aren’t expecting it. That is completely out of bounds; however in this case it might have been OK since we know each other (plus well I was dying just a little to hug her again). Still I refrained. And secondly she was there too and already knew how great it was.
Moving beyond the euphoria and surreal moments throughout the event, the time with friends both old and new and a whole host of other thoughts and feelings I’m still reflecting on, swimming in, and will surely write about even if I don’t share them. So until then here are just a few points should you ever be considering going to an Eroticon event somewhere in the world somewhere down the road.
1) It was well run – stepping outside of my sex blogger role and looking at it through a professional lens. I attend roughly 20 events a year as part of my profession, some at very high end establishments and some of which I spend thousands of dollars to be at. Very few have the touch that this event did. The email updates were clear, concise, and kept me informed. The social media kept reminding me, and the folks running it were accessible. If you want a detailed comparison of what really worked email or call me because I know both sides of that coin and would be all too happy to share.
2) Content was King – So often when you go things there is always a come on, buy more stuff, elusive posturing, competitive positioning and what not. In the sessions I sat in the presenters were open, genuine, and perhaps most important passionate. They offered what they knew without holding back and were incredibly generous with their knowledge, time, in sight in ways that were far beyond expected. Several household names and analyst firms should take a lesson from these folks and Ruby.
3) We’re all just real people – Did I meet everyone? No and shame on me for not doing so. But I met a lot of people. Some of who were larger than life (My heart jumped the first time Molly left a comment on my blog so meeting her in person was even more amazing), there were others who I’ve been huge fans of, and some I hadn’t communicated with much before. Everyone I met was open, welcoming, and accepting. I left with closer friendships and countless ones I never expected.
4) It wasn’t just writers – seems a bit odd on the surface right? After all it was an event for sex writers. But people far brighter than me included their spouses, partners, etc in the event even if they weren’t bloggers, published, or aspiring writers. And to the previous bullet it made it an even richer experience for everyone.
5) Hugely Inspirational & Highly Educational – The energy was amazing. Sure that speaks to the people, the time and the place but it had that magic feeling about it. There wasn’t a single conversation with anyone where I wasn’t made a better writer, geek, or even person (or sadist). I like to think the people on the other end would feel the same way.
6) Size Matters – and in this case the size was about right with plenty of room to grow. The event offered enough attendees to not feel overwhelmed yet was not so small that there wasn’t enough diversity. In the future hopefully it will grow; double and maybe even triple. That would be a great thing for everyone because it means not only more information, friends, and events but it always means that maybe in some small way our writing and efforts are making the world a slightly better, more accepting, and open place.

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  1. Ha…. if I write here can I still make your heart jump? *grins. I am so glad you had a great time and felt enriched by the event. We have had such a good time here and I really hope this will be the first of many eroticonusa events

    1. Of course. Maybe even more so than before I met you in person. Actually you added yourself to a very short list of people have caught me of guard and speechless when you came up to me Saturday morning. 😉

    1. Start working on Hubby. In addition I’ve talked to the Blonde about doing a small scale writer event here as sort of a stop gap. Of course you’re on the short list.

  2. I’m so happy that I had the chance to make your acquaintance at Eroticon – especially since I very much enjoyed our little tete a tete at the “Meet and Greet” on Friday night! I reeeaaallly hope that we can all reunite back in Atlanta for next year’s Eroticon!

    1. The feeling is mutual. Your energy is amazing! Oh and all the odd hits and opens from my part of the world are from some of your newest fans. I took my wife and daughters through your sites and they all loved it. The Gatsby ones were a huge hit with my 15 year old.

    1. I know there never seems to be enough time. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all again and will let you know when I’m heading back east.

  3. It really was amazing, wasn’t it?? It was so awesome to meet so many talented, friendly, open minded people such as yourself 🙂

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