Naked Nurses, Cowboys, and Sultry Brunettes

It’s been; even by my standards a wild week.  Wild is not always a good thing but it started off in an absolutely amazing way as I spent Sunday evening with my old friend the beautiful and talented Naked Nurse and her Hubby.   Despite being fully clothed the entire time it was a lot of fun and completely laid back.  When visiting a married woman even if she is a popular sex writer being introduced to their partner in a pure vanilla setting (not a munch, social, or event) if they are not active obviously on the site is always a bit unnerving.   Turns out he’s a nerd too so we hit it off immediately.  Plus he takes a lot of her pics so…once again I met a woman married to another man at a hotel and didn’t get shot.  Bonus!

So what do a bunch of pervs talk about when they’re just sitting around?   Kids, travel, at one point I was trying to explain what I do for a living in an efficient and coherent manner.  It came down to I’m a nerd who buys a lot of drinks and dinners and then fights with lawyers.  Actually I think I should add that line to the old resume.  It was a lot of fun and I’m still taking a bit of shit at home for not inviting my family to come along to hang out.   What can I say I was selfish and didn’t want to share but next time will include them.

In my world there are those weeks that don’t go as planned then there are the weeks where the entire plan gets scuttled repeatedly.  This was one of those weeks.   After a myriad of flight delays (4 hours) getting out and a dinner that was moved from 6pm to 9:30 I got an email inviting me to attend an event that wasn’t on my calendar.  Earlier in the day meetings in two other places blew out and I’d already changed my flights so what was once more?   Nothing when you’re already on a full fare ticket all I had to do was tell the Blonde that I would be home two days later than planned.  She was not thrilled but knows that things like this are just part of my professional world.  She then sent me three more shirts, 4 ties, and two more suits and all the other things to go with them express over night early morning delivery so I would be my well heeled conservatively dressed corporate whoremonger self.   

Even though my schedule changes constantly at times by the hour I’m very OCD about knowing what the plan is.   I’ve been driving Lord Raven bat shit crazy reviewing and re reviewing the logistics plans for next weekend’s con.  Where I’m expected when so on that note the changes meant I got to have dinner with Mistress Victoria a few nights later.  That’s always an unexpected bonus.  Later after she was done talking to cowboys at the event about leather work and saddle repair I had a lengthy discussion with them about rope, and knots and all things tying up.   They were smart boys and knew pretty quickly that my skills were not exactly refined on the ranch or just from the boy scouts.  I asked what their rope was made of, discussed the number of twists and load capacities, etc

A party later in the week came equipped with a photographer and after running into a few old friends one of which is a sultry brunette with a NY accent, and long, long legs in a short skirt.   Eventually we horsed around and mugged for the camera at a few points but it was nothing more than harmless fun.  Still I decided to text the blonde and warned her who I had been out and about with in case the pictures showed up online before I got home.  Ironically the only one that did was me and a few of the boys looking dapper but still better safe than sorry.  I teased her about being the jealous type and instead she asked how the Sultry brunette’s hubby and kids were.  Later I’d tell her to have her boyfriend out of the house before I got home since he get weird when he sees me.  it’s a bad running joke between us.

After eventually getting home late last night I finally slowed down enough to spend a little time with the Blonde for a welcome home sex before our weekend house guests begin arriving.   Hotel Malflic is booked to capacity for the next 10 days even though I won’t be here.    

Now off to finish packing the BDSM gear for my next trip, email (or maybe even call) a few folks and try to write a bit.  This time next week I’ll either be at the airport, a Sex Toy emporium, or a tack shop depending on how everyone’s travel and schedules work out.

3 Replies to “Naked Nurses, Cowboys, and Sultry Brunettes”

  1. I can’t wait for next time!! But, I’m still tingly from the first time. Thank you for coming to see me, even though I had to be on good “mommy” behavior.

    1. I had a blast and was very well behave myself so no worries. And as an added bonus we didn’t die when the fireplace was lit plus Hubby’s blast zone were not needed for anyone’s safety.

      1. However, if the blast zone was needed and the temperature in the room rose exponentially, we would have had a valid reason (while remaining on our best behavior) to remove our clothing. 😉

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