Suck My Kink of the Week

Oral Sex in general is about as kinky as a cheese plate before dinner or a piece of cake as dessert.   To me a Blow Job is as much a part of “normal” mainstream human sexuality as fucking.   And just like having appetizers or dessert as the only course in the meal every so often there are very few things that would rank ahead of getting enthusiastic and skilled head. 

Don’t get me wrong I like to fuck but from long before I should have been sexually active BJ’s were the gold standard.    In many ways they still are.   Here are some of my favorite BJ stories in which I may have participated in on the receiving end.

The 3 State Long BJ – I was once got a blow job that was nonstop during an entire drive through the State of West Virginia.  Oh and it actually took place in three states from start to finish.  Bull shit you claim?  Actually not.  The setting?  The back seat of the car, me (ironically in leather pants at the time which ties into last week’s KotW) with a  Bleach Blond between my thighs and another couple up front trying not to look.   Granted WV is a pain in the ass to drive though unless you’re going on route 22 from Pennsylvania through Weirton wild and Wonderful West Virginia to Steubenville Ohio which before the expressway was built took roughly about 20 minutes including stop lights.  So yes I did get nonstop head all the way across the skinniest part of the hillbilly state and the ones on either side of it.  Never let be said that I’m not a nice guy. I drove the route in reverse later that night so my friends who were in the front on the way out could have the same fun we did on the way.

The “Something About Mary Finish”  – does the phrase I know there’s cum on me strike fear into your heart.  Occasionally despite your best efforts does it take the man just a little too long.   And while spit or swallow is a deeply personal and situational based choice occasionally removing your mouth before the un-stimulated but gushing finish after a short delay that may shoot a few streams in places you didn’t expect.  So not that isn’t hair gel it’s jizz and someone should have had their hand and towel ready. If you’re going to pull the trigger you’re supposed to aim.

“I’m not that kind of girl” however as Shakespeare once wrote “thou doeth protest too much.” What kind of girl she meant she wasn’t since I never really knew but the swirling tongue around the head  and fact she had more sucking force than a $300 penis pump told me when push came to shove that the only kind of girl she wasn’t was one who didn’t like to suck dick, which of course was perfectly fine by me.


As for can being given head be kinky?   Only if you do it right and add few other elements like a timer set to 3 minutes and if she doesn’t make you cum by time it rings then you get to spank her cute little ass a few shades of red darker than it already is.  Plus then she has to start over until she completes her task in the allotted amount of time.  On more than one occasion I believe the words “why won’t you cum you fucker” have been uttered before bending her over and applying a little more motivation.  Or if your partner likes to be tied or chained to something while sucking you off as you hump their mouth at whatever depth and pace that tickles your fancy.  All kidding aside are BJ’s kinky?   Not to anyone reading this I’m sure but depending on the other factors involved they can be part of something kinky.

Dropping the braggadocio attitude – So what you’ve already read was both honest and meant to be told playfully.  What I didn’t cover is the part that frankly I don’t normally talk about.  It’s one thing to brag and cast dispersions (or compliments depending on the view) like a person’s ability “to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch” or “suck start a lawn mower.”   Pick you euphemism of choice. But moving beyond the male bravado and even my toppy tendencies there is something to the act that like so many others things can be deeply personal and gratifying.  Something purely sensual and intimate on being on the receiving end and if I was  honest with myself and you my readers I’d tell you that those are the ones I remember the best, enjoyed the most, and said something more about the moments together than pure carnal lust.   Were they kinky?  Not in the slightest but they certainly were special.

Kink of the Week

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  1. nothing wrong with that. A nice set of lips and getting to lay back and enjoy. You got me beat I only can claim a 2 state BJ but it sure made driving cross country a lot more fun.

  2. It’s all about the states you pick. Maybe we should take a road trip with a few friends to the quad cities and add a multi city adventure as well

  3. Oh man those stories. I drive that little three state portion at least once a year. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at it the same way again.

    1. Well glad to know I can take you mind off the road for a little bit. I will admit that ever few years when I’m back home I will go out of my way and drive that route for old times sake. Not just tied to those events it’s memory lane for me in a way.

    1. I hear what you’d call normal couples at parties and what not and it amazes me how often I hear them bitching about their partner wanting sex or a BJ or whatever. It’s never over the top things and my world is so different I just don’t get it.

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