Just A look into my recent night time beverage; the Key Lime Martini

In actuality I tried to post this last week  and add it to Sinful Sunday then but the combination of being on my 3rd martini and my damn droid not liking my cut and paste it got postponed to this week.  So far I have be criticized for drinking to quickly, to slowly, and in fact could care less because life’s too short to care about such trivial things.   Besides sooner or later someone will realize that when I drink quickly it means I get to watch her bend over to get the hooch back out and make me another one a lot more often.

key lime martini
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  1. I am not a big drinker, I do like a glass of wine now and then but I am careful with my consumption as I am a total lightweight

    1. I can drink like a fish but rarely do it and actually have pretty strict rules about who I’ll have a drink with. The scenery and the fact it tastes like dessert made this one pretty tempting.

  2. That looks good, I do share your cautions as to who I drink around. Nothing like waking up and looking for your clothes and seeing the pictures from last night…lol

    1. It’s funny if you ask most people they’ve never had a drink with me, Co-workers would tell you I’m a teetotaler. My standard line is “I only drink with people I truly trust and then in situations I know and understand”

  3. Aww it’s two things I don’t like…key lime and martini’s. LOL. I’m such a booze fuss it’s unreal. Still I can see where it would come in the way of getting a sinful shot for Sunday.

    1. Honestly I can’t think of another type of Martini I’ve ever really liked. Key Lime for me is another story.

    1. Shaken of course. How was it that Bond liked them? Ahh I’ll never be that cool anyway so who cares. 🙂

    1. It was very good I’ve had a few more on other occasions since then. It’s become by dessert of choice for a few weeks.

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