Hotter Sex Through Intellect

There could be a polite way of saying this, but why bother?  I don’t spend my time with people I don’t find intelligent and stimulating.   If you’re my friend it’s because you fill that requirement and hold an interesting place in my life.  Despite what many would think and what I often pander to, my relationships aren’t based on anyone being just a “hole” for “insert, thrust, and repeat.”  It’s not meant to be an elitist statement, either, because I believe intellect comes in every walk of life and every chosen profession.  Want to turn me off? Play dumb.  It will kill my interest faster than anything.   I know people who have never stepped inside a college lecture hall that are far brighter than some multiple PHD holders. So it’s not only a formal level of intellect that appeals to me.  

Prior to the “Kink of the Weekon the topic of considering whether you are Sapiosexual, I had never really looked at it as a kink or even a sexual thing, opting instead to consider it merely a personal choice.  I’ve looked at who I spend my time with — the company that I have found to be enjoyable and the people who turn me on at a deeper level — as simply a preference; however, it seems there is certainly a trend.   I‘ll joke about “Miss Last Night,” which has been a shallow juvenile conquest-type statement that I’ve made for years (or decades), but if she wants to make it to a lunch conversation the following day, it’s my gray matter that needs to be stimulated. Do you like the implied double entendre?  

At the heart of it all any lasting friendship, romantic or otherwise, that I’ve ever had really does have to work for me on an intellectual level.  Included in the previous statement are all forms of artistic ability, which I consider to be an often under-appreciated form of intelligence.  A quick review of my personal history shows a mix of friends and lovers that range from engineers to writers, from inventors or Wall Street finance wizards to painters, dancers (not strippers; think ballet or musical theater), and photographers.  Given my background, it also includes serious academics and analysts (I have a real thing for one Senior Tech segment lady from Gartner.  She gets my motor going on every level and a big part of that is that she is unbelievably brilliant. The fact that she is gorgeous and funny doesn’t hurt either).   So I find intellect, in and of itself, regardless of its purpose — academic, scientific, mechanical, creative, or even from applied knowledge — stimulating and necessary.

The Blonde, while educated in medicine, has more of a classical engineer’s mind.  As is so often the case with her, she is the exception to my typical rule.   Looking at other romantic interests, they tend to be more artistic, creative, visually-oriented people, and less mathematical and analytical.   A dalliance with the head of an agency or a creative staffer would make sense, and an affinity for a writer, performer, or director-type would be almost expected.  Finance women, even the ones from the most noted educational backgrounds and the most hallowed firms, can have a wild side that would make a preacher’s daughter-turned-vixen blush.  I can produce a set of charts based on empirical and personal anecdotal evidence to make that point rock solid if needed.

The real question is, are intelligent people kinkier, as a sample of the average population, as a whole, or as a byproduct of their intelligence? Could it be that what “does it” for “normal” folks just isn’t quite as hot for many cerebral types?  The biggest perverts and dirtiest people I know are the most intelligent. There is nothing wrong with a wanton dim-witted harlot who just likes to fuck like there’s no tomorrow; it is, after all a biological and emotional reaction that evolution has reinforced.  However, the best, hottest, and most creative sex I’ve had has been with people who are more cerebral in nature.

After all, a brilliantly creative and perverted mind is a terrible thing to waste.  So if you’re not doing so already, go fuck a nerd.

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    1. If nothing else that advice will make my nerd friends happy. All of which who are much brighter than me.

  1. I’ll be a harlot for the night, but if you want to keep me in the morning then talk to me with that college educated mind. Looking back, I see I was attracted to brains at a young dating age. It makes sense now. Even though I always dated older men, the conversations seemed to always rotate and navigate around sports (which I like but not as a priority in conversation), hunting, racing, and basic redneck skills.
    I guess that is how I ended up with an engineer in college. 😉

    1. I’m much more the referenced harlot than anything. Even now I walk the line between the smart folks and normal people as a sort of a pseudo nerd to normal person translator. You’ll find this shocking after knowing me as long as you have that I’m lacking in typical male skills such as caring about hunting, fishing, or American cars or racing so my red neck appeal was limited.

  2. Awesome and funny write. You are correct according to a few articles I have read, the higher the intelligence of a person the more likely they will be to engage in differing types of sexual exploits and exploration.

    1. This is what happens when I get to take a day off and get a little time to think. I wonder things like why are all my old kinky girl friends PHDs, executives, or professional artistic types.

  3. Great article! So many things are sexy to me, but intelligence is definitely at the top of the list. 🙂

    1. Thanks for all the help on this one. It’s a much better article thanks to you and I genuinely appreciate you taking your time to help me out.

  4. Thanks. It was a fun one to write and something I’d never considered a kink before. Adding a new kink is a great thing.

  5. My apologies I agree completely and didn’t mean to imply that one negated the other. I was simply attempting to communicate that in some cases however cruel it may seem that there are people who trade solely on their looks and / or sexual talents in life and relationships and nothing deeper.

  6. I only rather recently realized that my type was intelligent. I was going through all my exes and trying to figure out if I had a particular type. No, they were blonde and brunette, blue eyed and brown eyed, tall and short, muscular and plump…. then I realized that they all stimulated me mentally. An engineer, a geologist, a teacher, a college professor, several with multiple degrees… Sure most have been older, but one doesn’t often find stimulating conversations with any teenage or young adult male, they are too strung out on hormones.

    1. Being overly introspective I always love looking at things and attempting to figure out why things are the way they are.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this. I agree. There are very intelligent people out there who don´t have a PhD or college degree.
    And I loved your last sentence. “Fuck a nerd” 🙂

  8. I completely agree with this statement ” However, the best, hottest, and most creative sex I’ve had has been with people who are more cerebral in nature.” I do think that as a general rule kinky people tend to be more creative and imaginative.

  9. Maybe I should apply for a federal grant to research the subject formally. Then I could say things like. “no honey I’m going to that play party for work”

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