Hoods I Get but Someone Dime me in on the Bunny Head Thing

It’s Kink of the Week time and this week I’m going to approach it from 3 different directions and no the theme isn’t group sex or gang bangs it’s Hoods.  So with that in mind…

First off; Topping in a “hood like item”

Usually in the context of kink and rough play a hood is something the bottom wears, unless of course that is not the case.   Once upon a time a very, very mean man was given what was more or less an executioner’s mask by a play partner.  Which while not exactly a hood, said item covered his head and the majority of his face in its black leather with a few shining metal studs as adornment.    That cruel SOB liked it.  In a simple sense it was just playing dress up but it did make him look like someone else.   The cruel prick would stomp about and ponder what thing to do next to an all too willing “victim” all while leering out from behind the mask like some cliché movie character.  Eventually he was given one with “horns”.    So as far as playing dress up goes and fancying yourself somewhat evil by nature if the proverbial shoe or leather mask fits why not wear it?   

That was that era when I loved topping in dungeon like themes in those masks.  Fashion was as much a part of my kink as the actual kink.  You wouldn’t and still  won’t find me prancing around in something playful and sexy.  I don’t do the pretend cop thing or any other “mainstream” Halloween costume fantasy.  Need a pool boy go hire one but give me something that I think makes me look a little more menacing and evil and usually I’m all in.  That is what those hoods did for me, provided a license, an escape from just being another everyday sadist.

After all anybody can learn to tie somebody up, or spank someone until they’re cute bottom is glowing red but it takes a really special kind of deviant to do it in a leather demon mask.  Right?   No come on…someone tell me it’s a little different than most of the other freaks right?   Ah who cares I enjoyed the hell out of those damn things at the time.  However some things are best left in the past, me in a hood like thing in probably one of them. 

Moving right along from whimsical to where I get cruel…

Playing with Bottoms in a BDSM Hood

Putting a bottom in a hood is the BDSM equivalent of flipping a switch in me into overdrive. Literally  putting jet fuel on my kinky fire.  I don’t play with people in hoods very often, I’m struggling to recall any case where I introduced the idea to the relationship but adding that one item on a given night or scene  creates a change in my demeanor.  

As usual I don’t know exactly why but have some theories.  A blindfold on a bottom as much as I love them (either the blind fold and or the bottom) is just a partial mind fuck. Sure they cant’s see what I’m doing, maybe finding a wicked implement to use next or reading a VCR instruction manual.  The Top can still make out their features, see their hair, discern their expressions.  You can still even without seeing their eyes very much read their faces as well as their bodies.   

Change that to a hood.  Even if it is a person I know and love in the hood it is suddenly much easier for me to objectify them.  To treat them however briefly as more of an object, they’re now just a thing that I’m playing with, something to be toyed with and hurt for my amusement. There is no doubt that something about it dehumanizes them in a small way even if their need little eyes are staring back at me.   Pinching a little longer, striking a little harder just for good measure, fucking them like a stranger harder and faster solely for my pleasure not theirs.   Perhaps somewhere in my mis-wired toppy brain seeing the mere appearance of a hood as makes them seem much more submissive?  It’s not that the play is any less safe, there’s still the control, the calculation and knowing where the boundaries are, it’s just that I’m more likely to push them close to that edge if it’s not the same face I’m going to kiss good night later staring back at me. 

Just thinking about gets me going; it’s the subtleties, pushing them down just a little bit rougher than usual, a few more lashes when I can tell their body and mind is so close to that edge, forcing them to orgasm until each wave of what should be pleasure tenses their entire body with pain.  I can hear my voice echoing through the room “I thought you wanted to cum bitch”  Buzzing and whimpers fill the air.  Ahh good times. 

Now on to

The Bunny Head Mystery

This one eludes me a bit.  I get the pop culture main stream pin up girl Playboy Bunny thing; innovative and cool as far as ground breaking for its time.   I know enough to understand at least on some level puppy play, pony play etc.   And even as dense and unenlightened as I am I know and have even on occasion used the bondage / Rope bunny moniker for a few folks who identified as such.   What I don’t get, missed in a kink trends 101 memo,  or have no clue about is the Bunny Mask, hood, and head thing.   I noticed it a while back on Fet,  I’ve caught the imagery in pop culture and have seen enough pictures of women naked posing provocatively in Bunny hoods and full sized heads without looking for them to figure out I’m certainly missing something.   So help a guy out and someone dime me because I sure as hell don’t get it.

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10 Replies to “Hoods I Get but Someone Dime me in on the Bunny Head Thing”

  1. I agree with that whole “bunny thing” i first seen photos on tumblr, thinking WTF?! The oversized heads and the naked chicks. Too weird for me, puppy play & pony play…yeah then add in the animal shaped dildos and the first thing that comes to mind is bestiality.
    I like what you said “Even if it is a person I know and love in the hood it is suddenly much easier for me to objectify them. To treat them however briefly as more of an object, they’re now just a thing that I’m playing with, something to be toyed with and hurt for my amusement.” I have never used a hood, however this is what I think how i would feel if the other person playing with me, was wearing a hood.

  2. Its great to know I’m not the only one to not get the Bunny head thing. Very interesting thought on the animal shaped dildos. Bestiality never came to mind but it seems like a logical connection at least in some cases.
    I always just thought since the rabbit vibes were “ground breaking” in their dual stimulation and commercial success that everything else was just a knock off..

  3. I definitely related to what you said here: To treat them however briefly as more of an object, they’re now just a thing that I’m playing with, something to be toyed with and hurt for my amusement. This is the headspace I’m finding myself in more and more nowadays where my pet is in a hood – and it’s a hot place to be! Definitely working for both of us 🙂
    xx Dee

    1. It’s always fun when a simple addition can make things so much hotter. Thanks for the comment!

  4. ~nodding~ Bunny hoods? Don’t get them. Is it an extension of furry play? I don’t know. I also don’t do pony hoods in my pony play. I am still a *woman* even when I am pony…so maybe I am not as much “pony” as I like to think when we play that way.
    I haven’t played with a Top in a hood (and actually hadn’t thought of it before you mentioned it.) Hmm. Not sure how I’d react to that!

    1. Ok on the bunny heads I’m thrilled that I didn’t miss the memo. The full sized ones could be an extension of Furry play.
      As for a topping in one I’m not sure I could still pull it off or would want to. Unless or course I’ve underestimated the appeal of people with aging executioner fantasies.

  5. The bunny head always makes me think of Donnie Darko. Yeah, I know, weird 🙂
    I think it would be interesting to have the top wear the hood – if we ever try this, it’ll quite likely be my partner that dons one first.

  6. I have a real issue with having my identity stripped away and this seems to be a physical way of doing it. As a result it is on my ‘no thank you’ list… for now anyway

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