A Life Filled with Exhibitionists

Perhaps I’m more voyeur than exhibitionist.  I’m not likely to flash you, my look and presentation is much more…well…composed.  My friends throughout life however have been less demure. Here are some of my favorites.

1)      Do You Like to Watch – I can still hear the inflection in her voice all these years later. The answer was yes I liked to watch and thus began one long naked hot period of my life that led to some old school sex tapes and photos you had to send away to have developed.  I liked to watch, a lot and fortunately for me she liked to be watched.

2)      Would You Like to See My Tattoo – is how one night My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette moved from an acquaintance to someone I’d spend a lot of time with over several years.  Let’s just say the tat wasn’t the only impressive thing.

3)      Look at my bulls eye – While being an exhibitionist can be random for strangers or deeply personal oddly enough having your new boyfriend take dirty, sexy and downright lurid pictures and send them to another old male friend of yours might not be the most common way to bring two guys together.  However Alice’s desire to be a show off (and a damn sexy one at that) and Lord Raven’s desire to capture those images was how Lord Raven and I first got to know each other after the pair started dating.  They still send me surprise pictures from time to time.

4)      Wish You Were Here – it’s the way the Chesty Blonde teases me when we’re apart.  Snap chat has upped the stakes.

5)      Hey Mike- It’s a phrase I hear a lot but when the Blonde utters it out of the blue with a telling intonation I need to look quickly because if I miss the flash she’s just going to keep moving on.   It’s a fun, playful, attention grab that has disrupted countless conference calls when I’m working from home.  Oh and if she’s watching me work in the yard it’s best to keep your eyes on the window.  Hey Mike..Yeah Boobies!

6)      Do You Want to Pet My Kitty – Sadly she literally meant a cat she was holding but it was a great tease of a title

7)      The Epic Shoe Slut – Some women flaunt lingerie, nudity, burlap sacks and countless other kinks but my friend Victoria sends me lower leg and shoe pics every time she goes shoe shopping.  She goes shoe shopping a lot!

8)      Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – Everyone should have friends like A(Boy)&A(Girl) a couple from my old life back east that I’m still in touch with.  It’s a Wednesday morning and A(g) sends me an up skirt shot of herself in a very public place like I don’t know a large government facility.    It’s a rainy fall morning and what appears on my phone is a scene from a Caligula themed party the night before, and there is always the new outfit modeling.  It always starts so innocent but by the end is very far from that.   They are both Bi and in a completely open relationship so they also love to send me pictures with a slightly different orientation each year during their local Pride week activities.  Let’s just say the random pics of A(B) can be shocking but come with the territory and are more than made up for by the gang bang, crazy sex and girl on girl pics A(g) sends me most of the time.  

All of that said I do have my exhibitionist streaks too from the old “vintage” Malflic sex tapes of my wasted youth, Sex on an airplanes, beaches, elevators, public highways(it’s the only way I know to literally have sex in two states at the same time), and just about everywhere else.  These days though I’m more limited to material exhibitionism than flaunting my body.

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18 Replies to “A Life Filled with Exhibitionists”

  1. ah life can be so much fun when you let go. Now I must learn what this snapchat is…lol
    Fun write brother

    1. Snap chat is an app that allows you to send texts or pics that can’t be saved or forwarded. In some cases they do they old mission impossible thing and self destruct (or auto delete) after just a few seconds.

    1. It was a fun thing to do once upon a time but I’ll take a beach or better setting any day.

    1. It was very pre 9/11 so all it took was Youth, Stupidity. and a big enough jet that the Lav wasn’t tiny.Now days a federal marshal would probably shoot us. I’m fairly certain fucking any where near an airport places the individuals on the axis of evil.

      1. it is sad that they have tightened down so much, it is quite the rush and very much on my must try if you haven’t done it list.

        1. It may still be possible. My friends in the industry tell me it happens quite often. I’ve probably just become a pussy more worried about his airline status than a conquest.

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