What Makes a Great spanking Scene

Let’s assume you like spanking. Giving and or receiving it doesn’t matter and neither does the orientation (M/F, F/F, M/M, Three Transgendered Aliens and a Cross Dressed Pharaoh etc).  Last week after asking LR & Alice to each send me three spanking scenes they’d like to do and with who either specifically or hypothetically I went off to write up my three ideas. All of which I’ll share with you in a future post (or video).

There are so many things to consider from the setting, office, kitchen, school room, bedroom, hallway, dungeon,  and of course the literal and proverbial wood shed. Someone’s pervy little wheels were spinning and in the name of research they went off to watch a bunch of spanking videos both professionally produced and home made, from strict punishment to playful with a good mix of everything in between.

Mahogany Spanking PaddleThen the comes the scenario from the naughty school girl, to the errant worker, the misbehaving spouse to the ones with no set up other than pure spanking action just because or as fore play.   So with just those two things into consideration the possibilities were suddenly endless and something that has been done literally millions of times by countless consenting adults that still seemed to have infinite possibilities.

Add in implements, intensity, positions, banter/dialogue, state of dress or undress and well it can send a pervert into a delicious little frenzy.

Consider this one a mix of fan and friend appreciation for the Spanking crowd and a way for me to knock something off my sexual bucket list (Number 5 under activities or number 10 under acts) so I’m looking to make one.  If it’s fun and well received I’ll probably make several so that’s where you come in.   We’re have out ideas but we’re really looking for feedback on what you’d like to see.  

 So with that in mind what makes a great spanking scene or video? 


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  1. still working on my list but I got a few rolling around in my head. I cant wait to see what others come up with

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