Well Spanked Part 3 The Aftermath

In case the title  didn’t give it away this is the third (and final) installment in our “Well Spanked” series; Part 1 The Warm up and Part 2 Throughly Thrashed in case you missed them.It’s funny how the stars align on rare occasion so when the Kink of the Week Topic was “Marks” I had to fight the temptation to post this immediately rather than wait for it to be a Sinful Sunday Post. 
– Mal
I went in intending to leave her marked.  It seems a bit odd to see the words written out since that not usually the case.   It  came from the desire to not have a repeat of the last time I spanked her bottom.   Usually the scene is what it is and even if its a straight up spanking I’m looking of other things, dynamics, fantasies, roles, whatever to be part of it. Marks may or may not be a by product of that. But  not this time the challenge has been issued that I couldn’t leave her with a sore sit spot, not later that night let alone the next day or several days after that.
It was not my first rodeo, I’d spanked a person or two in my life (a small understatement) and I knew that to get her to that point it would take a long drawn out scene (last time we played her rosy red bottom was back to white before the ropes came off despite multiple OTK sessions earlier in the day). The reality was that I would have to go at her a little hard at times.  That varying the intensity from slow paced thuds and to fast crisp spanks this time it would be more than just to effect her head space but also to get her to the point she dared me to take her, to leave her sore and marked.
AK's Well SPanked and Glowing Bottom
Above is the results 10 hours after we stopped playing her bottom was still showing signs of the previous nights fun.   She admitted it was sore “but I can still sit”.   Raven would later confirm that while she could sit and was savoring the lasting effect she was feeling it more and more as the day wore on.
The Brusies from her spanking are starting to showOne day later the bruises from her spanking are starting to really show.  Raven had taken to giving her a nice swat or two when she passed by and sneaking up on her to poke and grab her still sore butt.  She’d brag to me that she still can take more, so next time we play this hard I may have to offer a reminder session a day later.  Nothing like starting over when she can still feel the last one.
Two Days after her spanking
So the above is after more than two full days.  Still marked, the bruises now in a variety of shades.  The lighting BTW is the result of a power outage and not out attempt to be cool and artsy with this shot.
4 days later
The new red spot is from sitting,   Too bad isn’t it I was hoping LR was going to send me a video of her getting her bottom rewarmed while it was still sore (Remember folks I’m a bit of a sadist).   The only marks left are mid cheek and ironically not from the paddle or belt but from my hand.  Admittedly it was fun for me to get the pictures since i had to leave and couldn’t be there to see the results in person.   Perhaps Alice will comment on how often she stole a glimpse of the marks.  I got daily updates and quickly created a new folder on my phone keep them stored in.
As for me I’ve been on the S&M impact toy shopping spree of a lifetime.   Looking for new paddles and toys, leather and wood and maybe a few things even more vicious than that to add to my collection.
A few finals thoughts on Marks.
Shifting away from the scene above with Alice and looking at my own comments over the years.  Often I’ll swat the Blonde on her cute ass just hard enough to leave a faint hand print (ok sometimes that one smack will be bright red and show each finger in a clearly outlined way. For god’s sake I’m a spanking top what do you expect?).  She’ll grumble sometimes mockingly, some times genuinely and my response has always been “I’m just marking my territory”.   Looking back at it there was more truth in that than there appeared to be on the surface of that cavalier retort.
Whether my hand print had faded or not my habit is often to swat her playfully as we pass each other. Sure its usually playful, never mean spirited, and is often lighter than a pat on the back during a hug with an acquaintance but in some primitive way somewhere in my fucked up brain I’m marking her as mine to anyone watching.  Despite what I do there are times when I don’t share well.   So marks aren’t just for bottoms and subs, they can serve a purpose far beyond the physical.  And while the ones you can take pictures of or steal looks at in the mirror certainly serve a purpose even the ones that fade quickly can be a reminder or symbol of an attachment.
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26 Replies to “Well Spanked Part 3 The Aftermath”

    1. It was plus it was a long one but I’m still hearing how she wanted more. So the planning for next time has begun.

  1. Very true! I hadn’t thought first off of the marking of territory but I can definitely see the reasoning there. Excellent marks there 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I’m not normally a possessive and jealous type so the concept of marking something or someone as mine is a bit out of character for me. Still I do it and have for years so maybe I’m not so good at sharing as I’d like to think.

  2. It was a great time for us all, and always a pleasure to have you stop by. I too share your view of the marking of territory as I try to leave that hand print on my filly’s arse like the Indians did with their war pony. (yeah I am kind of twisted like that) Happy hunting because next time my goal is a week of her gingerly sitting as she remembers sometimes taunting the sadist is a bad thing…muahwhaha

    1. Just wait until you see my shopping list for next time. And I have a few wicked Ideas i need to share with you that I think will be excessively fun for all involved.

    1. Coming from the man who is running the spank race I take that as a truly great compliment!

  3. Wow and ouch! Looks like a lot of fun. I hate that second of impact and am desperate to stop, but once it’s over I want more. Sometimes I am guilty of taunting S a little bit to push him, and normally do end up marked, although it does get more difficult over time to bring the bruising out.
    S and I play together and with no-one else and stay well hidden in our ‘kink closet’ so no-one else will ever see any marks, but I do think there may be a certain element of him marking his territory still. I just hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms.
    Anna x

    1. Alice certainly has the taunting thing down, but she’s kind of cute when she does it. As for me I’m about 2/3rds out of the kink closet with people in my life. Unless I change professions I can never be all the way out. There are a few new people here and there that I let in on it but for the most par the ones I’m close to know to an appropriate level.

  4. I am still working on my post about marks but it will be up by the end of today. Suffice to say they are a massive part of my kink. They are beyond a ‘want’ for me, they are a fundamental need in me when it comes to be submissive.
    I was looking at your pictures here and reading your words and you know what, if you don’t already have them you really need some Vampire Gloves 😉 (Sorry Alice!)

    1. Molly Great Idea we neither of us own a pair! looking forward to your post on the topic.

  5. I have loved reading these posts for the last three weeks. I love getting spanked. I think, “I wonder if I could take that” I love being spanked. I doubt I could but following these images has been fun and certainly put ideas in my head 😉

    1. First off thank you. We’re glad you enjoyed them. As far as what you want and can take, these by far are the far edge for me and in general for us though Raven and Alice do some forms of play I’m not skilled in(needles, fire, knives etc) and may have a differing opinion.
      Playing as hard or as long as we did certainly isn’t the norm it has taken our ideas and future plans in a new direction.

    1. That’s certainly understandable. I have partners that will swear up and down that they don’t like marks but the next second are showing where the rope just came off and bragging. What I think they mean is they don’t like impact play which is just one way of being marked..

    1. You like a spanking? Hmmm not sure I knew that about you (kidding of course). On the daily calls and the play by play on how the marks changed I’m not sure who had more fun LR telling me, AK adding her input from the peanut gallery in a few cases or me just listening to them both and reliving the time together that way.

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