Well Spanked Part 2 Throughly Thrashed

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.   The first portion The Warm Up includes not only pictures but the story behind the scene.
So all good things must come to an end and the warm up spanking is also one of them.  Though as previously mentioned is was mostly spanking and very little warm up.   LR had an assortment of paddles laid out for use ranging from the new one he had made for Mal for just such an occasion along with some older ones that have been in Alice’s collection for a few years.   Several were applied at varying rates and intensities until “Someone” decided Alice should get 10 swats with the “The Big Girl Paddle”.  Raven thought she should get 30, he was right and she will next time she will get 30 or more I assure you.
School Paddle EditedSome bastard made her count each swat and then he let it sink in for about 30 seconds before beginning to take aim for the next one which of course would be harder than the last.  And in true spanko style he insisted she stay in position or they would have to start all over at the beginning.  As mean as it may seem don’t let her rosy red and marked bottom fool you.  Mal made the paddle specifically for her a few years back because she wanted something heavy with a deep thud.  OH and this was the part of the night where “I dare you”, “You can never” and the “I can take anything and love it” style brattiness not only faded but stopped completely until that wicked piece of wood was set aside.  Despite her silence his words though still flowed and tormented her between each bottom searing swat with what was yet to come.
Alice's brusied bottom from being paddled on her bare butt
After number 10 landed soundly and a few moments rest to gather herself (and to feel how trashed her bottom was plus a few peeks in a mirror to admire it).  The two tops teased her and then she was asked to remove the belt from his waist while he looked tauntingly in her eyes.   After getting back into a good bent over position good dose of an old fashioned belt whipping was applied to her already sore and just paddled butt.  The steady rhythm and intensity let her begin to drift into that delicious head space she enjoys so much for the first time that evening.
a belt whoop'in on her bared butt
Thus began her “Blissed Out” time which eventually led to more several more positions and hundreds more hand spanks, a few more paddles until  the night concluded with her bent over a piece of furniture with a Top on each hip spanking in tandem and covering each cheek completely with their thick hands. Until the Boys despite her protests and bratting hoping to earn “more” called game over.
Despite her protests that she not only could take more but she wanted and needed more the impact play portion of the night was over.  That they boys were soft and stopping too soon the sadists moved on to other kinds of torment.  Sometime later that evening she energetically bounced in front of them and proudly declared “There is still quite a bit of heat…my ass is still on fire” at which point some one did their best George W. Bush impression (which is not at all impressive) and declared “Mission Accomplished”.  The night began with that someone standing close behind Alice and whispering in her ear that he was going to “take her bottom to a number of colors way past red”.    and then she had to recall his words exactly to Lord Raven before things began.
Come back next week for the conclusion and to see whether or not he kept his word in the Part 3 Called “Aftermath”.
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  1. Oh wow those mark are so beautiful and you are a braver women than I as I can not stand it on the back of my legs. I have absolutely no tolerance there and one or two swats will have me sinking to my knees

  2. I have not had a proper spanking since it was punishment as a child. The guys I have met, save one, have been to scared to hurt or something. The one that wasn’t fell of the face of my earth. In time someone will come along who fits correctly. Until then, I will enjoy the stories of others exploits.

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