Turn and Cough 2013 Mid Year Goals Check Point

So the original commentary is in black.   The July Updates are in Red

1)      Order new leather.    This one should be easy enough but I’ve been putting it off for a few years so my goal is to have new leather pants by the end of March.   Why not sooner?  The pair I’ve been eyeing is custom made and takes 6-8 weeks to arrive.   I’m thinking red with purple silk lining but time will tell since there is something about basic black that is hard to not love. Flat out didn’t do it.  Still on the list but a much lower priority at this point.
2)      Make it to six rope events in 2013.   This one should be a gimmie if I manage my time. It could be local socials and munches as well as a full blown conference. In short I know of 24 here in town so all I need is 25% attendance and I’m golden.  The local events so far has been a no go and the only possible excuse is there isn’t any I just haven’t made the time.  On the very positive upside I am all set for Eroticon USA in Atlanta this coming October.
3)      Write 6 guest columns for other publications and blogs. This I expect to be a challenge for me since its new territory. I know it’s the good writer thing to do but just can’t ever seem to get around to pitching folks on the idea. I suck …kind of.  The intention was to write as Malflic so on that front I’ve failed but I’ve actually published more than a dozen guest pieces under other pseudonyms on non erotica and non kink sites.  The pieces ranged from economic and business articles to alternative lifestyle commentary.  In general I enjoyed doing it and like having a fresh slate to work from.
4)      Knock 6 items off my Sexual Bucket list and then add new items to replace them.
Here’s the success year to date
 (#7 from the list) Deliver Forced Orgasms until exhaustion. This might be my new favorite form of sadism.
(#13)   Discretely use inserted inflatable’s on my date during an entire evening out.  Yeah the technology is going to need to improve to pull this one off but there’s time. – Not exactly Mission accomplished but it wasn’t for lack of effort so I’m counting it as done
An now two that kind of happened but not in the way I expected
(#5)      Deliver a Golden Shower – I had a drunk lose his balance and piss on my shoes during an athletic event. No it doesn’t count but piss and people were involved so I thought I would share.
(#14)   Have sex in a limo without closing the divider.  I definitely got fucked in the back of a limo sadly it was not fucked in a good sexy get your rocks off kind of way it was fucked in something you worked on for years got killed on the way back to the airport kind of thing.   For now I’m not counting it as incomplete but if I die before it actually happens please keep in mind that I did indeed get fucked in the back of a limo with the divider open, even if it wasn’t like I hoped.
5)      Have a couple only weekend with the Blonde once a Quarter.   This will be the most challenging with social schedules and kids but something worth trying for and very selfishly something I really need on several levels.  The elephant is still in the room. Things have settled in to a working rhythm and a new normal. What that really means is we’re fucked up in new and exciting ways.

6)      Actually make it to Taboo and Flog a few times.   Along with Naughti Gras in February which is already on the calendar.  For those not in STL they’re local play parties and an annual Erotic art show. I made it to Naughti Gras and almost went to Taboo in June but punked out at the last minute other than that an utter fail.
7)      Break 1500 Downloads of my first book on Amazon and get 10 reviews.  Hint you can buy it but there will also be free download days and give away opportunities throughout the year. I quit looking and haven’t run any more promos. Bad reviews (I listed it as a romance and apparently it doesn’t meet those guidelines) and after the fact editing issues that got missed along the way.  Odds are I’m close but right now down have the interest in fixing the problems needed to make the book more viable.
And now for the site goals
1)      Post at least once a week on Malflic.com and twice a month on my Author site. Doing well on the Malflic site and actually far ahead of plan, the Author site well not so much.  It’s doubtful I’ll publish anything long form as Malflic again since my next two novel length works will publish under a different name.
2)      Publish the Sexually Speaking He Said She Said column monthly and have new people play along in it.   I’ll be asking some old friends to join in the fun but if you happen to read this and are interested leave a comment, DM on Twitter, or message me on Fet (or call or text if you know me). Did one with my Pixie (who has since moved on to other things in life but is doing great) and one with Victoria that hasn’t seen the light of day yet on the differing perspective of Male and Female tops.   I need to reevaluate this one and whether or not it fits with the sites goals going forward.
3)      Publish Other People’s Kink Monthly – I love this one because I get to share what I like of other folks writing with new people.  It’s my chance to have a fan boy moment. Did great the first three months and less so the past 3.  With E lust back in the swing of things I’m moving this goal to quarterly for the second half of the year.
4)      Starting in February a monthly column on making or caring for toys.  I need to work on a snazzy name some like BDSM Super Crafty Kinky Workshop with Perverted Uncle Mike or something like that. Again I did the first one using Lord Raven and his paddle making, he had a few folks lined up to do interviews with as well but I never published them.   I’m still committed to this one.  We have some things happening on the site in terms of capabilities in the next few weeks that are very exciting.   This may move to a video format rather than written word. 
5)      Add 2 more new regular contributors to the site.   More content and diversity makes for a better site and more interesting life.   I’d take more if I could get them but the two perspectives we seem to be missing are a Female Top and a Male Bottom although the right fit is more important than how they identify.  For starters they need to be able to stand me. Had a some nibbles and a few promises but no bites yet. Guest columnists are always welcome.
6)      Coffee with the Devil Series – First off even though I named it I do love the title of the column in part because it was a title of an email I once sent to a friend when asking if she’d meet me for coffee (btw she said no so I’m O for a thousand with her).    The concept is simple, I travel often but also have a few folks nearby I’ve don’t see enough or have never met in person.  It will give the chance to spend some time with old friends, maybe meet a few new ones face to face over one of my favorite things Coffee and discuss whatever they are into at that moment and share it with you.  I’ve assembled a short list of folks I’d like to see again or meet.  Also I’m open to suggestion so if you’re cool or have a friend who is let me know.  Wait a minute here’s one I didn’t blow off or lose sight of.   I haven’t turned it into a column but I have had coffee with several folks including a childhood friend who works in porn, another who is more or less a full time gay rights activist (he has a day job but I don’t think he actually EVER does it), plus a dinner with Raven and Alice (fuck yes I’m counting it).    Next month I’m hoping to spend a little time talking with a favorite blogger of mine here locally discussing some writing ideas I’ve been working on, and I’ll be in San Fran at the end of the month (sailing I’ll be tha fat guy on the big boat so wave if you see me).  Actually I’ll be working on see a few folks there as well and maybe one day I’ll write about but for the moment I’m just enjoying the conversation.
7)      Run two give aways that get over 300 entries each. Details of the first one will be out shortly. Intentionally stalled but will launch with the site changes.  I’m thinking a Books, Bondage and Paddle Theme.
8)      Grow the Malflic Magazine FB fan page to over 250 people (no real reason for this one other than it seems like the thing to do) Will go with # 7
9)      Respond/Reply to all comments on my posts and have the other writers do the same. I think I’ve caught all the ones from my posts, Lord Raven I believe has done the same.  Alice is playing a bit of catch up from the past two Sinful Sundays.   Dan that work thing!
10)   Start including original photographs and feature other photographers I like works. We’re well on our way with our own pics and in time I’m certain others will follow.
11)   A general series of site improvements.  Refine the new template,  seduce, bribe or blackmail  a graphic designer type for new logo’s for the site and recurring monthly columns. and fix the F’ing Favicon on the new template its pissing me off.  This is a big one.   We’re moving to a new host shortly that will allow us to offer additional content and is adult friendly so we can begin showing nipple and pink parts from time to time.  I’ll have a new post and new features available for your perverted sexy pleasure shortly.
On a Personal Note:
First off for anyone who ever reads the site I’d like to take a moment to thank you.  It’s a labor of love for all of us here.  Raven, Alice, Ignored Dad, and of course me all put pieces of our hearts, minds and if you believe in such a thing souls into the site.  In the coming weeks and months we need to decide what we want to be when we grow up.   My Hope is you like what we have in store for you.  

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  1. Fuck yeah that dinner counted, well maybe more what happened after wards. Onwards and upwards and we all pull together to make this a great site and meet more friend and get to share our life and loves together. (might need to borrow your camera though lol)

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