Well Spanked – Part 1 The Warm Up

There is that moment when you are waiting for the spanking to start, then there is the moment your dress is lifted up exposing an already glowing red bottom.   Then those delightful moments when you are taken OTK, and then at one point you’re not sure whether or not the “warm up” is over.
naughy alice getting her bottom beat red by an otk spanking
Then there is the the moment of impact when you realize its not and what’s about to come hasn’t even really started.
The last time they played Alice told “someone” that she wasn’t really sore the next day and that her sit spot was completely fine.  In fact she told him that no one had ever left her with a sore sit spot.   Of course it was said like in a bratty challenge kind of way.  As you can see just from the warm up she got that someone wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.
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20 Replies to “Well Spanked – Part 1 The Warm Up”

  1. Some days she is quite bratty indeed, Thanks for sharing a wonderful evening with us. Cant wait to do it again, next time we can go for a week of her not being able to sit still. Yeah she is all proud she could sit just fine 2 days later…lol

    1. I am sooooo NOT bratty!!!!! *stomps feet* hmmmm a week of not being able to sit???? Doubt that will happen *bends over and shakes my ass*

    1. Indeed the mistake was corrected. Though I still feel 3 hours was not enough *wicked grin*

    1. Ouchie? This was just the warm up. Just wait till you see the rest of the pics. Oh and look above….so much for being careful about challenges =)

  2. Ahh yes the defiant streak… I have been know to indulge in this and it has often led to a very sore ‘sit spot’ as is the case today.

  3. Lovely shade of red!! I’ve never not been able to sit after a spanking but I have definitely felt it into the next day 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I love the description and the 1st comment she left on this post lol. Someone’s ass is definitely going to be sore for a week soon… 🙂

  5. I love that feeling of rawness – sometimes it lasts for the next day, sometimes not. But it reminds you of what happened 😉

  6. Oh so looking forward to seeing the other parts!!! Nice and red for a warm up. Where will the rest go….? Waiting patiently!!!
    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I’m milking this one a bit so the next batch will be out this coming Saturday for the upcoming Sinful Sunday and the the final installment will be the week after.

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