What Makes a Good Spanking Video…Well Good?

I guess as always beauty would be in the eye of the beholder but that universal truism aside I found myself wondering what makes a good spanking video?   I happened to be perving some sites that offer that sort of thing, looking for a little bit of a distraction, some arousal, and well perhaps a touch inspiration.  Which means I’m probably up to absolutely no good on a number of fronts… so moving right along. 

Paddles in Lord Ravens WorkshopI’m sure that there are as many answers are there are spanking enthusiasts.  The imaginary chorus in my head is screaming out things like “Only M/F spankings, or F/M or every other flavor and gender combination known to nature and then some.  All of which are perfectly valid points.  Then there is “it’s not good unless you’re using good hard swats from a wooden paddle…on their bare bottom, jeans panties.”  Other voices are calling out “a good ass whipping includes the belt.”   “NO real spanking are only OTK everything else isn’t a spanking!”  You get the idea.   So in my quest for pervert enlightenment I’ve decided what does and does not make a good spanking video for me setting implements, position, and orientation preferences aside.

What doesn’t interest me, turn me on, or turns me off

1)      A Bored Model – Not necessarily an issue in amateur stuff  but every so often in pro videos I find the person on either end who looks like they’d rather be taking a nap a total bore.   If you watch for a while you see them, show up, play the part take their spanking and move on after collecting a check.   Sorry too much good stuff out there to waste my time on these

2)      Patty Cake Level Intensity – Not every scene has to end up with a bruised bottom, not every spanking has to be severe.  There certainly is a good range but if you clap your hands harder doing a polite white bread golf clap than the person getting spanked gets swatted on the bottom it’s not a spanking it’s patty cake which is fine for slap and tickle play between lovers but has no place in an actual spanking video  

3)      Fake Reactions – “OOOOO, Ouch, MMMMM”  We’ve all heard them and yes everyone I imagine has a way of verbalizing differently.  If the action doesn’t match the reaction spare me…or apply the rod until it does.

4)      Odd things in Frame – This one is more for the do it yourself videos. Sure pets walk into and out of the scene.  I get that.   If it’s an impromptu the kids just left and I’m going to turn your butt red with an instant grab the camera and get over my lap set up then great.  But if you planned to “sell” a scene or fantasy pick up the legos or whatever thing shouldn’t be there before you hit record.  

5)      Bizarre Angels – Face shots, Butt shots, and even ones slight on angel I get. People move during play and if you’ve only got a 1 or 2 camera set up then fine by me as well.  I’ll take real action over staged action any day.  What I don’t beed to see is your belly no matter how wonderful,  when the feet are more in focus than the spankees bottom you might want to re think your approach.

A good spanking video (to me includes)

1)      Reasonable Dialog – Have a fantasy or scene you want to play out and record.  Go for it but a 10 minute lecture for a 30 second  3 swat quarter force spanking is a huge waste of time.   That’s not to say a nice build up can’t add to the entire scenario because it certainly can and I’ve seen a few professional videos of late that play to the set up and anticipation masterfully.

2)      An Actual Spanking – Go figure spanko’s like to actually see people get spanked.  I know it’s a fucked up world.

3)      Stick to the Scene – Offices typically from on 112 different floggers in anyone’s office in the work place.  That is assuming that you don’t work for a flogger manufacturer in which case I’m wrong. Floggers belong in the bed room and the dungeon, whips are the same way plus the stable our country house setting type thing.  The best scenes even when a fantasy set up stick to what could actually be in the place.

4)      Marks, Welts, Redness – I know there are some iron bottomed players out there, actually I play with a few of them.  Still seeing the marks and/or color when viewing a well spanked bottom is part of the appeal.  And ok coming from this particular kink sometimes bulls eyes and bruising is good too.

5)      Decent Lighting – I don’t own a light meter, I’m not a photographer and you may not be wither but unless your eyes and imagination are better than mine a little bit of well placed light whether natural, extravagant or just the everyday kind of thing makes a world of difference.


Nice to have when watching spanking videos

1)      An Accurate Description – Tell us who it is and the scenario. Simple things like “A quick paddling for Beth”  are fine.   “Watch me get it” when your profile pick is androgynous can offer an unwanted surprise.   “ watched a gay porno once, I didn’t know it was a gay porno…the girls never came”   or something like that was said during the B rated comedy EuroTrip.   It happens a lot in F/M videos.  Surprise!  Dick shot!  Really folks there are enough male switches and subs out there     

2)      HD – It’s getting cheaper all the time.  Not a must have but can certainly be a nice addition. I find I’m more likely to stray into scenes that aren’t necessarily my first or second choice if I know it will have a decent picture quality.


What a great spanking video doesn’t have to have…

1)      Perfect young players – I like real bodies, not that perfect young players aren’t real.  But the average and even not so average top and bottom don’t bother me if the other elements are right.

2)      High End Graphics – You’re making a spanking video.  Nice graphics are nice but I don’t need a 60 second animated intro to a 60 second clip.

3)      Music- Either in the title or credits.  If you have it great but out takes and spanking banter would be just fine too.

4)      A change in the state of undress.   I get it. It must sell or pay into a big fantasy to start spanking one way and them pull down their pants and eventually their undergarments.  To me while this works sometimes it’s not a requirement.   Yes a good warm up is probably preferred by the bottom in most situations (a bold assumption on my part and excludes punishments since who cares what the bottom wants then right?  Kidding) , perhaps this is a way of doing a warm up, or show how naughty the spankee was.    And yes some of my own personal play rolls thought this verse, chorus, verse, chorus, guitar solo  “now you get those panties down while I torch your bare bottom” formula for a hit song but a lot of it doesn’t.

Reading back over the previous points I may have came off a bit pissy in this one!  Not my intention.  I hold different videos to different standards.  To the couples or players out there making them for fun, exhibitionism or what have you. Fantastic and those are many of my favorites and what I like to watch.   As for the folks selling access to their sites, or their clips as a way to make a living.  I know who’s work I like.  Every so often find someone new that fits the bill for me which is wonderful.     

And in case this was no help at all to you well them be sure to tell me what makes a good spanking video good for you and why?


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