No Mom I'm not a Furry

Being kinky has its ups and downs. Being kinky and out to family members has its own set of risks. While many of them are obvious; some are not. You see my mother who is both intelligent and open minded can’t seem to tell the difference between what I do (Rope, BDSM, etc) and Furries. To her I guess we’re all just sex freaks. Which is fine, I’d rather be thought of as a deviant than a pious saint any day.  In case you’re interested here’s the post where I actually discussed my Mother and Furries for the first time.  To say she remains curious and consistent in informing me of the “Big Furry happenings” in her city’s paper and news reports would be an understatement. Maybe she’s a secret furry?  I doubt it but anything is possible.
Switching away from blood relationships to kinky ones. Furries are a fascination for both Alice and Lord Raven. They’ve been to events where Furries were part of the mix with the other kinksters. Now my take is that some of their playful frolicking and lightheartedness didn’t mix well with the leather set and purists. Not that the playful costumed creatures minded at all.  And well you probably haven’t really lived until you’ve annoyed some of the leather set anyway.  LR and I have talked at length on occasion about some friends of his that are Furries, how different animals have generally speaking different traits and a basic set of standard characteristics. As for me though while I have no objections to them it also doesn’t trip my trigger.  Too much well fur and not enough skin from what I can tell.
My personality is probably too reserved and I tend to be more of the dark and scary type which I don’t perceive much of a place for in their world.  Which is fine people need happy sexy places too not just dark and mean ones.
On a final closing note I just learned that my annual trip to Pittsburgh will overlay the Anthrocon convention this year.   And given the parts of town I frequent if nothing more I’ll get a window seat to some of the comings and going of the conference attendees for a day or two.  Hell maybe for once I’ll act like a respectable sex writer and reach out and conduct a few real interviews.   Actually I think that might be a great idea.

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  1. After a moment of hysterical laughter here at the idea of you all furred up I sat and read. Furries are indeed a world all their own. My attraction to them is on several levels of course, for one I was a school mascot in collage and already got to be the fool all dressed up (much to my pleasure all those photos have been lost) and another is all the good they do. From going to cheer up sick kids to other community events to raise awareness for issues. There are other reasons but I might have to write a whole blog about it…damn
    Now to get the image of a dark smoldering dragon brooding in the corner with a tie and wingtip shoes out of my head…LMAO!

    1. I almost called you to write this one knowing you had a much better background on it than me. Didi I ever tell I dressed up as Gumby once for a college basketball game? That is my costumer experience but its a long story I’ll tell you over coffee some time.

  2. I think some interviews are a great idea, I might consider something similar.
    As for furries I think this line sums things up for me
    “Too much well fur and not enough skin from what I can tell.”

    1. Molly,
      On the interview front. I’ve had a list of people I’ve wanted to talk to and write about it on the site here for a while now but haven’t gotten off my ass to try it. This one might be a way for me to give it a go without getting too caught up in it.

  3. I think it’s a great idea to interview some furries. You should find most of them to be very very happy sorts. It’s my dream to someday acquire a full fursuit of my fursona and attend anthrocon. Also, while you may not partake, I’m glad you are so accepting of it’s place in kink 🙂

    1. You bring up a great point that I hadn’t thought of and that is that maybe not everyone has a full fur suit. Makes me wonder if its by choice or cost driven for those folks.

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