Not in my Head

I actually wrote a few years back about a corporate outing where hypnosis was part of the entertainment.  It’s insightful in that nothing much has changed for me on this topic. Ironically I was in the same city with some of the same people just last week.

So I began by this week’s topic by reading Jade’s suggested post on Fet and the 4 other contributions before mine (Relating to the inability to relax more than anything). All interesting but in short I have trust issues.  I know I do, it’s a survival mechanism that has followed me for years.   It’s not that I don’t trust anyone because I do but it’s a short list.  If you don’t get put on it quickly it will probably never happen.  For me trust isn’t much different than love at first site. 

Often I joke about the demons, but I know them, they’re familiar and comfortable and for the most part I can control them.   And that’s the key; control. I hate amusement parks because I can’t control the rides, I prefer to drive when going out with a group, the exception is using car service which in a way I control “take me here, pick me up there,” they’re at my mercy so I still have control. 

Despite my personality I like yoga, but will tell you it’s not spiritual.  I control what I do, when I do it, and how.   I get lost in my thoughts, but would never say I meditate.  As for hypnosis I lump it in with with religion & psycho therapy.  It’s probably is really good for a lot of people and certainly anyone who feels they get a positive benefit from it but I’m too afraid to lose the precarious balance I have that’s worked for so long.       Still though if completely honest when I run longer than 40 minutes I’m probably most often in a nearly hypnotic state.  That’s why I choose to run away from busy streets and people as often as possible opting for country roads, wooded trails, or paths in parks where I reach a state of mindlessness.  Just running, not thinking, not having to pay attention beyond putting one foot in front of the other which in the right place becomes a mindless physical activity…but one that ultimately I control.  

What does any of this have to do with Erotic Hypnosis? I’m not sure are you wearing a French Maid’s costume and planning to bring me coffee?  Oh wait that’s telepathy, so never mind.   Of course I do believe in the power of suggestion so you are going to put on that costume and bring me some Java right?

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  1. Running, what a healthy mindlessness. I do meditate, almost nightly, and get lost in the serenity of yoga. Glad you have found running, we all need some escapism. And I’m sure you provide the quiet moments in your partner.

    1. The funny part is 9 out of 10 times I end up at a doctor it’s because I’ve done something to injure myself while running.

    1. I often joke that running is the only thing that keeps me functional and somewhat sane.

  2. As I mentioned in my comment of your other post on hypnosis (the corporate one you link to up there), W mentioned when we have talked about this that exact thing: I don’t want to give anyone control of my mind. It makes sense to me.
    Oh, and btw, I was JUST talking with one of the Guys about running on busy streets, and why I don’t like it: I too like to find that mindless state (I call it “no-mind”) and can’t reach it/don’t feel safe going there when on a noisy/busy street.

  3. I agree with W (which seems to typically be the case).
    As for running as much as I hate being so far out in burbs but it makes getting to a park for true trail run easier. Although i wonder into West county and Queeny park fairly often and have really come to like the monarch levee trail in the valley. Though it may be more so my company on many of those runs than the actual location.

  4. I would love to try (erotic) hypnosis at least once. I find my relaxation in writing and sometimes in walking. I would love to try yoga though, but not for the spiritual side of it. Just because I want to find relaxation in it.
    Rebel xox

  5. This is so interesting, I find that state of mindless empty head space in subspace, a mixture of empty head and also VERY full and focused on what is happening to me

  6. Interesting perspective, I can understand the whole control part. We all have our things that can take us to that edge and like you said its is running. For me its meditation. Hypnosis, well we can say I tried it but it was for a specific purpose and now I wish I didn’t so my view is tainted. And whoever has the coffee, they need to being two cups…lol

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