Intermezzo – The Humorous Reality of Being Me (reprised)

At a corporate event the staff was having a difficult time trying to tie up some props to the façade for one of the presentations.  I happened to be loafing in the area and stepped in and helped.  One of the folks commented “wow you figured that out pretty quickly we’ve been trying for a while.”   “Yep I can tie all kinds of things up since I was an awesome boy scout”  so they asked “oh were you an eagle scout?”  Laughing “Nope but I was the best one with ropes and knives” was my reply. Victoria was within ear shot but managed not to blush.

Recently I got a note accompanying a friend request on one of my birth names’ accounts.  It more or less said “I’m X and you used to fuck my sister”  Sure it was more politically correct than that.   To which I wanted to respond…Yes I know who you are, we grew up in the same town more or less and I did way more than just fuck your sister.  Still happy to reconnect.  BTW how is she? Of course my actual response was also politically correct.

While discussing our differing takes on nudity with the Chesty Blonde admitted that she prefers people partially clothed to naked in almost all cases. I then asked how the fuck we’ve been together for so long? To which she answered “because despite your views you are typically wearing pants in public.”

On Friday morning a friend called to let me know that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman had died.  While sad we both found it ironic that two guys in over priced suits and $300 wing tips were discussing the death of a metal musician more earnestly than, well business.

Being told “if X saw you like that it would traumatize them” when walking through a room naked can be taken one of two ways.  My body and cock are so impressive that it would lead to emotional damage if displayed in correctly or god am I fucking ugly.   While it is probably option 2 and I’m fairly certain it is not option 1 since well I have seen myself naked.  Still I’m going to lie to myself that it’s option one which brings me to the real point…pissing with a raging hard on does not get easier with age and is complicated by sustained laughter.

Now on to the mundane things

Beginning on Sunday my house will once again become a hotel with a barrage of parents, in laws, out laws and finally Mistress Victoria coming to visit over the next three weeks. I’m sure it will lead to lots of funny stories and probably none of them dirty. I’ll be traveling extensively as well going to both coasts a hand full of times in the same window.  Add to the mix the fact that we’ve decided to move but that is the only decision. Since exactly where (Close to the City of St. Louis, Dallas, California, New York, Etc) and whether or not I change employers before doing so is still getting sorted.  I’ve been flirting with new possibilities but am being a picky fuck.  So forgive me if I comment a little less, tweet about non sex and kink related inanities, and seem a little more strung out than usual.

On the upside I’ve been thinking about all the fun stuff I’ll eventually be able to write on the moving boxes.  Like Rope and Paddles – Master’s Bedroom,  Non Pornographic Novels – Library, Pornographic Movies &  Novels – Mother in law Suite.   Leather & Lingerie – Media Room, Tools of the trade – Dungeon.  Whips & Chains – Office.   The Blonde’s Naughty Box – Garage. Devil Worshiping Implements – Sound Proofed room.   Might as well give the movers something to talk about when the time comes.

Pro workplace
Alex Dram / People Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

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  1. OMG I would love to hear the conversations from the movers after packing your house, or at least moving the boxes. I can understand the pressures of a move, though mine were a bit more on the cuff and out of necessity. Good luck in all things brother

    1. I’ve all all three of them pushing me to get things figured out almost daily. The good news is they’re ready to go.

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