Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was stunned, flattered, and shocked to be named by Mia of Mia’s Musings as one of her picks as an inspiring blogger a few weeks back.  I’ve been following her on twitter and reading her blog for a while so to have her recognize mine was extra special.   This post took me much longer to write than I expected because as usual I went into complete over think and re analyze mode so my apologies for the delay.
Very inspiring blogger award
So the rules as they were posted are

  1. Display the Award Logo on your Blog
  2. Link Back to the Person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other Bloggers and link to them
  5. Notify the Bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirement

but wait we all know I suck at following rules right? So I’m going to modify my approach a little bit and rather than notifying them I’m going to link directly to their site so you can go read their stuff and consider this my belated Other People’s Kink Post for March.
Seven things about me…
1. I’m more likely to invite you to coffee or tea than to a bar no matter my intentions.
2. See number one which is explained by the fact I’m a hopeless caffeine addict who rarely drinks alcohol.  I think about having a drink fairly often and then opt for coffee as my preferred buzz.
3. I’m an information junkie and obsess about economic data and Foreign Exchange rates but am not a banker.
4. Running keeps my mind clear all other benefits are merely a by product
5. I’ve started and run several small businesses in addition to my “day job” hence my frequent “no rest for the wicked” theme often found on twitter.   If I get bored I get dangerous and not in a fun way.
6.  Roughly 90% of the art in my home is by family, friends, or artists I know. The remaining 10% were gifts.
7. My goal is to live abroad by age 50 spending 2-3 years in each place before going the next.
My Nominations
As Mia said some of these will be crossovers from her list and Marie’s  and others yet I’ve tried to add in a few different folks who I think you will genuinely enjoy for a variety of reasons.   They are listed in the order they popped in to my head and nothing more.
Misha Burnett
There are a lot of people on this list who inspired me on a regular basis.  Some of which I know, have met or interact with.  Then there are the others who I’m just statistic in their analytics reports as is the case with Mr. Burnett.  I’ve not met him but if and when I do I owe him a world of thanks.   Not only has he written a book I adore and have given as a gift to close friends but it was a simple post of his on a web site that encouraged me to get off my ass and publish my own novel last fall after sitting on it for 4 years (or more).  His blog is a collection of information for writers, insight to his novels, and his own life’s activities. If you publish, want to, or like great sci fi it’s worth the visit.
The Official Naked Nurse
NN is one of my oldest friends from when I started writing and posting forever ago on MYSPACE.   She writes lovely poetry and very hot erotica.  I’ve followed her through various incarnations and phases of her own writing and enjoyed every one of them.  Every time I hear a sweet southern accent I think of her.  Beyond writing maybe someday we’ll actually get to do a rope scene together.  Of course I’ll be sure to share every torrid little detail and hopefully a few pictures as well. As a matter of fact I should add that to my sexual bucket list.
Rev John Sleestaxx – Journal of a Marginalized White Man
Not a sex blogger by any means the Good Reverend uses a bombastic sense of humor and beautiful sense of irreverence that never fails to make me laugh.   And in case you haven’t guessed the whole Rev thing is shtick but like his one Razor Blade themed book the man has a sharp wit.  There are days when I question the sanity of it all and then I go read his stuff and am laughing like a crazy person and the world doesn’t seem quite so bleak.  I do miss him posting as often as he use to.  Finally he deserves credit for me referring to myself as a corporate whoremonger since he first called me that several years back when I was out practicing an edge play brand of S&M known as Mergers and Acquisitions.
Kink & Poly
Chances are you know Jade’s work (previously from Pieces of Jade and A Poly Life).  I’m a big fan and have been for quite a while.   Yes she’s beautiful, well written, smart, and extremely talented so go read her if you aren’t already doing so.  Also recently she added her own meme called Kink of the Week that has been a lot of fun for me (although someone hid the candles in my bed room last night).   Beyond all that she holds two unique things in my world.  The first time I saw her at an event a few years back I was shy and didn’t go up an introduce myself, that is not me, not even a little bit.  I can talk to anyone.  Secondly it was her bad influence and obsession/tweeting/posting about NANOWRIMO that led to me writing a second novel (and now a third) which will be out sometime this year but not as Malflic.
Molly’s Daily Kiss – In my mind Molly is the rock star level of bloggers.  I’d admired her work from a far for quite a while.  Sinful Sunday is a stand out meme but with her taking over e lust and her pussy pride project it made her contribution to others bloggers even greater.
Beyond all that recently she wrote a post on spanking that was simply put one of the best I’ve ever seen on the topic.  It captured so many things that are hard to articulate to non players.   If you haven’t already done so and are into or curious about spanking play be sure to read “I Need This
Rebels NotesSo as many of you who know she runs the Wicked Wednesday meme that I (and of late Lord Raven in my absence of late) participate in.   The accounts of play dates, relationship dynamics and a host of other things, she produces an impressive volume of solid posts.  Yes there are some great, sexy and lurid details in there but what actually sticks in my mind the most is a series of her tweets a while back that later led to a post about a site that was ripping off other bloggers content, it was the sense of obligation to the blogging community that she showed that really stands out to me even now.
Rachel Kincaid-  makes me very self conscious about my own writing.  I truly mean that as a compliment.   She has the uncanny ability to one week have me laughing hysterically and the next is pulling on my heart.   I like the subtlety in a lot of what she writes, how she draws me in as a reader and then goes on to hold my interest. Sometimes I read her stuff look at my key board and think “gee I suck as a writer and should go back to music as an outlet”

Twisted Angel Desires
She’s newer blogger but I love watching her grow with every post whether its her heart wrenching tale of Lyric or a random piece you can she her talent and her growth as a writer from week to week.  She’s created compelling characters that have me rooting for the right people and not the villain which is so often the case in things I read and watch.
Erica Scott Life Love and Spanking
Its funny I tend to read bloggers for all the wrong reasons.  Erica is a case of that.   Are her spanking posts entertaining?  Absolutely!   Are her pictures alluring?  Without a doubt! And sure I do read those posts but my favorites are the ones where her personality the kind of fun, bratty, smart ass comes through.   Hell the reality is I know who she is because of her spanking work but I keep reading her because she’s thoroughly entertaining on a variety of topics.   Her Correspondence Hall of of Shame pieces serve as a reminder of why I don’t try to meet women and play partners online.
My Bottom Smarts
My play and interests go from new and exciting, to bondage to back where it all began which was as a spanking top.   My reading does much the same thing going from swinger to erotica, to kink of assorted flavors.   Bonnie’s blog makes me feel like I’m home again and her efforts to help new spanking writers find an audience is amazing.
Dragon’s KinkIf there were one blogger I wanted to be trapped at a party with it would be Kazi.   Somehow it seems she could turn any boring event into something memorable and that there would never be a dull moment.  Granted I’ve made this assessment just from her posts and pics but trust me I can spot someone fun from a mile away.
Plumptious Pea Sometimes, actually a lot of the time I sit back and watch.  I admire, observe, and simply take in the surroundings.  In a lot of ways I’m a bad blogger and I read and don’t comment nearly as much as I should.   There is a beauty and simplicity to her writing and her photos that I simply can’t get out of my head.   Often I’ll go back and read things a few times but Pea’s stuff has me revisiting it again a few days later and still thinking about what she’s posted.   There is something really special there, beyond the filters something delicate and mysterious that I can’t quite put my finger on and maybe that’s what makes it so great.
The Lustful Literate – I love how her works ebb and flow from serious to playful.  That they play and swing but only when it suits them not like it’s an obligation.   One of the things I find in common with many of my favorites is true with Bridget.  She acknowledges real life obligations outside of her sex life.   After all it’s kind of nice to hear that other folks have to balance family, and careers, and god knows what else just like the rest of us.
Penny’s Dirty Thoughts
Penny provides a mixture of amazing photographs interspersed with thought provoking posts and product reviews.  Their is an art and playfulness to the pictures that I really enjoy, of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s stunning as well.
Samarel Erotic Art Blog  
Not a blogger in the tradition sense of the word his pictures tell stories in an artful yet erotic way. His Blog has moved toward his own site .  His work is a mixture of various kinks, sexual acts, and body types all presented in creative and tasteful yet erotic ways.    Some people work in words and he works beautifully in images.

5 Replies to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. Wow, thank you very much not only for including me but for your amazing words. I truly believe that the sex blogging community is full of amazingly creative and talented people and it is a community that I am very proud to be part of and to support. One of the many reasons for doing Sinful Sunday, Pussy Pride and for taking on E[lust] was to support and help give a wider audience to many of those bloggers.
    As for my spanking post, I am quite taken aback by your wonderful words. When I write I do my best to try to convey just a little something of the subject that may help people to understand and learn and so your words of praise make me blush with pleasure and pride.

  2. Dear Michael,
    Gosh, thankyou so very much for the kind words about me & my blog. I had no idea that you come back for a second peek at times. Makes me feel I’m at least doing something right.
    It fills me with a warmth to think that a year ago I took the plunge to start blogging (albeit a little differently to most) But, I adore this community of like minded folk. I’ve met some utterly inspiring people because of it & I have some wonderful online connections.
    I’m a lot like you, I see something pop up in the reader or on Twitter & I go have a sneaky read but then clear forget or lose the time to go back and comment later. I shall try to better that 🙂
    Thankyou, again..
    Pea ~x~

    1. You’re welcome! It’s hard for me to believe that it was only a year ago you started blogging.

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