How to Prepare for a Winter Storm -Bread & Milk vs. Batteries and Lube

The freezing rain and snow has started here in the great state of Misery.     Every time there is a threat of inclement weather the world runs to the local market and cleans out the bread, milk, and eggs.   It’s not just a Missouri thing it would happen in PA and New York as well in the winter.  Often though I wonder where people’s priorities are?
Dude or Dudette I get loading up on hooch.  I get buying a few new DVD’s, maybe a few gallons of mixers, a couple of cases of beer, a case of wine, a few extra pairs of tawdry low end fuck me dirty and then toss the threads types of lingerie or play clothes from the local mega mart posing as the 7th circle of hell and an assortment of candles for a marathon wax play session in case you get snowed (or iced) in.
In all seriousness one of the hottest memories I have is being snowed in with the Blonde for 3 days at our first apartment and taking her from behind while she looked out an open window at the blizzard.  It was the hardest we’d ever fucked up until that point and the first time she truly commented on how much she liked it that way in great detail.  To say I wore her out would be an understatement since her kitty was more or less out of action for a week afterwards but damn we had fun.
What we didn’t have was 4 dozen eggs, 3 gallons of milk, 2 loafs of bread. Hell I don’t remember eating or needing to eat.   I do remember her calling out all kinds of expletives as she came over and over again.  I remember cumming so much I wasn’t sure there was a single drop left in my balls and how raw I was.

Concrete Steps in Pittsburgh PA
Stair cases like these cut through the hills next to city streets where I’m from.

So while all those regular shoppers were home making some type of sandwich I had her stark naked on the long secluded concrete stairway leading toward the Victorian homes at the bottom of the hill  holding onto the metal railing for dear life while I fucked her like I meant it.
At that point in life lube was a rarity and we didn’t own toys (ok other than hand cuffs, a whip or two, and other assorted bondage type things) and well we were monogamous so no condoms needed.
Which brings me back to today my neighbors are frantically buying rock salt, shovels, gloves and hats.  I’ve got a 48 pack of AA batteries.  They’ve got cookies, milk, macaroni and cheese, and cereal.  I’ve got a few tuber of Astro Glide and some KY Yours and Mine to try out if we get bored.
They picked up a news paper, and chips, and dips and other wonderful processed things that will kill you.   She was home looking at pay per view porno titles like Bang Maids: Full Sex Service & Unethical Sex Fiends.
And later while you’re shoveling snow and worrying about having a heart attack from lack of exercise I’ll have gotten in some of the best cardio you can imagine and will be looking forward to make her ice cold bottom from being outside while I worked deliciously hot before having my way with her again.
So once again why was I the only one buying lube and batteries at the store?  Oh right because you either into some really weird French Toast food play i just don’t get or your sex life sucks!
I don’t have any sexy snow pics to share but my friend Jade does so if you need some sexy snowy themed eye candy be sure to check her out at her new site Kink & Poly.