My 2013 Goals & The Zombie Apocalypse was a False Alarm

Fist off let me wish you a belated, happy non secular, change of numeric values.  Or in other words happy New Year.   I rang in the new year in bed sadly it did not involve nudity, sex, or debauchery of any kind although I did look like a vagrant for a few days as I was certain my body had become ground Zero for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse though it turns out I just had the flu and after a day and a half of solid sleep I was more less human again.  So it’s safe to put away your gas mask unless of course you’re using them for ummm…other activities in which case by all means carry on.

Zombie Pinup Calendar | December 2010
Shalaco / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Now onto the my list for 2013 which is a combination of goals for the site as well as personal ones. Starting off with the personal ones.
1)      Order new leather.    This one should be easy enough but I’ve been putting it off for a few years so my goal is to have new leather pants by the end of March.   Why not sooner?  The pair I’ve been eyeing is custom made and takes 6-8 weeks to arrive.   I’m thinking red with purple silk lining but time will tell since there is something about basic black that is hard to not love.
2)      Make it to six rope events in 2013.   This one should be a gimmie if I manage my time. It could be local socials and munches as well as a full blown conference. In short I know of 24 here in town so all I need is 25% attendance and I’m golden.
3)      Write 6 guest columns for other publications and blogs. This I expect to be a challenge for me since its new territory. I know it’s the good writer thing to do but just can’t ever seem to get around to pitching folks on the idea.
4)      Knock 6 items off my Sexual Bucket list and then add new items to replace them.
5)      Have a couple only weekend with the Blonde once a Quarter.   This will be the most challenging with social schedules and kids but something worth trying for and very selfishly something I really need on several levels.
6)      Actually make it to Taboo and Flog a few times.   Along with Naughti Gras in February which is already on the calendar.  For those not in STL they’re local play parties and an annual Erotic art show.
7)      Break 1500 Downloads of my first book on Amazon and get 10 reviews.  Hint you can buy it but there will also be free download days and give away opportunities throughout the year.
And now for the site goals
1)      Post at least once a week on and twice a month on my Author site.
2)      Publish the Sexually Speaking He Said She Said column monthly and have new people play along in it.   I’ll be asking some old friends to join in the fun but if you happen to read this and are interested leave a comment, DM on Twitter, or message me on Fet (or call or text if you know me).
3)      Publish Other People’s Kink Monthly – I love this one because I get to share what I like of other folks writing with new people.  It’s my chance to have a fan boy moment
4)      Starting in February a monthly column on making or caring for toys.  I need to work on a snazzy name some like BDSM Super Crafty Kinky Workshop with Perverted Uncle Mike or something like that.
5)      Add 2 more new regular contributors to the site.   More content and diversity makes for a better site and more interesting life.   I’d take more if I could get them but the two perspectives we seem to be missing are a Female Top and a Male Bottom although the right fit is more important than how they identify.  For starters they need to be able to stand me.
6)      Coffee with the Devil Series – First off even though I named it I do love the title of the column in part because it was a title of an email I once sent to a friend when asking if she’d meet me for coffee (btw she said no so I’m O for a thousand with her).    The concept is simple, I travel often but also have a few folks nearby I’ve don’t see enough or have never met in person.  It will give the chance to spend some time with old friends, maybe meet a few new ones face to face over one of my favorite things Coffee and discuss whatever they are into at that moment and share it with you.  I’ve assembled a short list of folks I’d like to see again or meet.  Also I’m open to suggestion so if you’re cool or have a friend who is let me know.
7)      Run two give aways that get over 300 entries each. Details of the first one will be out shortly.
8)      Grow the Malflic Magazine FB fan page to over 250 people (no real reason for this one other than it seems like the thing to do)
9)      Respond/Reply to all comments on my posts and have the other writers do the same.
10)   Start including original photographs and feature other photographers I like works.
11)   A general series of site improvements.  Refine the new template,  seduce, bribe or blackmail  a graphic designer type for new logo’s for the site and recurring monthly columns. and fix the F’ing Favicon on the new template its pissing me off.
I ‘m   sure these posts aren’t the most entertaining unless you get off on my neurosis and need to plan then they are a riot.  They tend to be more businesslike than I’d prefer but being a borderline objective based control freak I write them and keep track just so I can know if I’ve accomplished anything.


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  1. Sounds like a reasonable set of goals, I like the ideas for the site. I need to really make a list for myself this year too. Just been in limbo not knowing what is around the corner.
    Lets make this happen! 🙂

    1. Originally I was going to try to get us all on a call to talk about what I was thinking but life has been so crazy that I abandoned the idea.

    1. Darling I have a few very fun special requests for you to be part of the fun. Will be in touch shortly.

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