Sometimes there is nothing I love more that a romantic night with soft candle light, seductive music, meaningful whispers, gentle caresses, and making love to you slowly, gently, and selfishly taking every exquisite second and stretching it so that each second feels like a delicious eternity and most of all lovingly. There is a connection that comes from these times that words can’t describe, feelings to powerful for mere letters to represent, that anything uttered would devalue their meaning. Become a failed attempt to express their power, their sway, and their magic. I do without question love these times.
ChallengeSometimes things are simpler, we steal whatever fleeting moments we can and fill them with pleasure. Our bodies intertwined as we do our best to meet our own needs as well as each others. There is a comfortable familiarity with all of this that hold its own special charm, a necessity without elaborate production or pre planned intentions your body against mine again cheating time as we are the only people in the universe and time for a few fleeting moments time and the expectations of others has ceased to exist. I know that these are the times no matter how common place help to keep us connected in a physical sense.
Sometimes things are darker. A place where my desires are to take you to a place not discussed in polite conversation. A place I crave to be and that you dare to go with me. Whether it is a place we let our imagines run our actions or perhaps a place to show our true natures however basal and lurid the need as we dance on the edge of pleasure mixed with oh so many others feelings and sensations. Emotions that over run us both. Sensations that are craved that one in their right mind might not admit that they ever desired let alone enjoyed. This is the place that in the back of our minds in the still of a long cold night we find ourselves remembering more than any other. This is our secret that only glances and simple phrases indicate that it exists.
Sometimes you are such a temptress. Dolled up, flirtatiously calling me like a mythical Siren and daring me to crash My body, my soul, my very being onto your rocky shores where it will be shattered beyond recognition. This is when you are at you erotic best, a picture of seduction, of sensuality, of confidence and beauty. This is the part that is not story book romance but a hot love story. The kind portrayed in plays, and stories, in movies and every other form of entertainment since the beginning of time. It is the type of thing that makes meek women bitter, puritans out raged, and people uncomfortable with their own desires and needs shake in jealousy swimming in fear. It is always amazing to see you like this.
Sometimes though I don’t really want any of these things, instead I want to take you as you are, lifting your skirt, pushing aside your panties, pawing at your chest. Our kisses deep, wet and intense, our bodies rising and falling, our hearts quickened, our breathes rapid, and no words just sounds of pleasure and delight as I fuck you like I mean it.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. That’s the amazing thing about sex, it can be the same 2 people but done in so many amazing ways, each time being different. You wrote about so wonderfully! I love it and had to read it 3 times, to make sure I soaked in all your beautiful words.

    1. Well thank you. BTW I’ve missed you posting new writes over the holidays so glad to see you’re back.

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