One Minor Demon Concludes The Year of the Apocalypse in review

So I started out last year with goals both personal and for the site.  I did a mid-year update and figured might as well end on the same note.  There will be another post in a few day looking ahead to 2013 with what we hope to accomplish here in the coming 12 months.  All in all it was a good year for us here at the site.  We added new writers in Lord Raven, Ignored Dad, and even columns by own daughter Diva.  Alice King who joined me over a year ago gave me not only inspiration but the ability to focus on other things here on the site.   We saw our page views and number of regular readers grow as well which is nice and something we very much appreciate.  While writing to share our loves and adventures is fun just amongst each other is fun the exhibitionists in us like the folks who look in on our perversions and even participate from time to time.  It’s like a virtual swinger Party of Kinky Con.   There were over 125 new posts on topics ranging from kink and sex, to politics and the economy, and several new short stories including new features such as the Sexually Speaking – He Said She Said, Other People’s Kink, and our always popular Kinkster’s Christmas list.   We began participating in the now (seemingly) defunct E Lust publication and I even secured a better seat in hell by helping to judge beginning around mid-year.   I finally published my book with as the songs says “a little help from my friends”.
Before we get to my list though there are few other things that warrant remembering as we look back on 2012; 50 Shades despite all its flaws sold over 54 million copies and the fact is it was “just a work of fiction” will bring people into our lifestyle and events that may never have wondered to a munch, play party, or social. In some way we all bear a responsibility to be nice to the newbie’s, open and honest with them.  Plus tell them to stop buying those lame ass BDSM starter kits every adult website is hawking and just because you wear a suit doesn’t make you kinky unless of course you’re me, then it does.   Look I try really hard not judge other’s kink but they need to know about local artisans, shops, Dom Depot, and Tandy almost as much as safe sane and consensual (I know or R.A.C.K . though I doubt its really newbie friendly since aware may be an issue)
After more than a decade the Two Knotty boys called it quits. I mentioned it just before their last class and it is still a little sad when I think about the fact there won’t be new books or videos to entertain me.   Never again will the Blonde walk in to my office and see me looking at one of their books for the first time while holding a piece of rope and have to give in and let me try something new of theirs on her.  I never thought as rope as edge play but it seems to be a theme this year as is the fact that no matter who you are things can and will go wrong as was evidenced by Midori’s well publicized issue.
The world itself remains and angry and violent place and not in a good way.  No matter where you stand on the political aisle (I still think they are all fuck ups for the record) the fact that Gay marriage remains a hotbed issue even within the political parties in the United States and people’s ability to love who they want and how they want remains a restriction that is unfathomable to me.   Our nation’s inability to accept others beliefs and preferences when they are different than our own seems to be increasing.
But it’s not all bad news. Vibrators and sex toys are now mainstream and more or less socially acceptable in many if not most circles.  Despite a few odd court cases that seem to be a threat to the community and shouldn’t be there haven’t been any moral crusades, witch hunts or crack downs that I’ve heard of by government agencies.   The Mayans were wrong, major national and regional corporations did sponsor pride week activities this past year, and maybe there is a little hope for progress in accepting sex as an ok act.  The entire Sex Positive thing which I believe in might just be a passing fad, a way to have people justify their hedonist lifestyle, or it may actually help folks open up even if it’s in the confines of a monogamous relationship.  Either way it’s worth letting run its course and maybe even help out with if given the opportunity to.
The Original Content is in BLACK. The Mid Year Updates are in RED The Purple Text are the end of year conclusion.
1)      Actually write funny stuff on occasion (stick with me on this one, seriously I use to have a sense of humor about a lot of things) I’ve accomplished this one with my favorites so far this year being my two posts mocking 50 Shades of Grey that I titled 412 Shades of Fuchsia, Preparing for the Apocalypse the Malflic Way in 6.66 Easy Steps and finally Dear God Please Call Me When a Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Atheist Runs for President.
The Second half of the year produced a number of humorous posts the following of which are my favorites; the videos for my losing presidential campaigns, Hotel Malflic, How to Pack for a Con, and What Black Friday Isn’t
2)      Post at least once a week. Let’s face it I sucked last year at doing anything related to writing. I wasn’t living the wild life and just not writing about it so time to change both things really.  The Wild Life is still a work in progress but it’s improved greatly.  As for postings…  I’ve put up new writes every week at a minimum and and the continued work of Alice King, and additions of Lord Raven, and Diva Malflic has brought different views to site it lacked before.
I exceeded 52 posts this year hitting a mark in the mid 80’s. So as an average I hit the mark even once you deduct the play along and other items in the mix. It’s a clear winner.  More importantly  the post count on the site over all grew by more than a third of all the previous year’s posts combined thanks to my fellow contributors.  That’s a lot more sex, kink, and humor but as we mentioned before we went to some new places including adding reviews of outings in the Wild Life (I still kind of have a crush on AJ Marion from Ogre’s World, Two posts that were brought on by Shakespeare productions), we covered not only the collaring but the Wedding of folks here at the site and there were also about 6 that didn’t see the light of day for varying reasons (too personal, too lame,  We have plenty more in store for new content and fun for next year.
3)      Make it to 2 local social outings a quarter (It’s a disease but like greedy corporate monoliths I measure my life in 3 month increments) Here’s where I need some help both cosmically speaking and from the cruel goddess of social calendars.  Note I did not define these as pure kink events since that limits my options and have been trying to see a local burlesque show for months now.  A swinger mixer would count, anything slightly dirty would be an improvement.  I’m above par on this one on most fronts, I’ve made it to a few Burlesque and shows locally, Done 3 boys nights out so far this year, had a couple of play dates, chased the fast girls almost every weekend, participated with friend in a few Pride events. Took Diva to Shameless Grounds for the first time. Spent a few hours chatting with Mr. Ogre. I’m currently back east and surrounded by old friends (including one soon to be very repentant lady).   Upon my return to misery I’ll be at the Cracked Fox to catch the July rendition of Conspiracy and Zoog from Angelspit.
Well other than missing Angel Spit because they were rescheduled for November and work took precedent I stayed on a good social path.   I made it a Rope Bite and the Rope Social in the second half of the year.  Ignored Dad made his way to Taboo and I never did join in that fun by doing my best wallflower impersonation. Boys night’s continued and included an east side crawl, more Burlesque, I made it to see Revolution Circus/Apocalypse Theater at Subversion.  I continued to run with some of the fast girls. In the fall would go from tempter to tempted and went to a handful of writers events which gave me the chance to meet Jade who is wicked smart, very friendly, even more beautiful in person, and is officially a bad influence on me.  The upside of that bad influence I wrote a new book.   
4)      Have the Chesty Blonde attend a local function with me. For such a social girl I have a bitch of a time getting her to go out to the same things I do.   Still teeing this one up! I’ll keep it as a second half objective. She may go to Conspiracy so that would count…I guess.
Small victories are the hardest to win. I’m still pushing for this coming Sunday’s Rope Social but have more or less given up on this one ever happening.
5)      Get dirty in 4 new places. Granted this one is running related but hey dirty is dirty.  If anyone who reads this is running mud runs this year let me know and I’ll tell you which one’s I’ll be at. Way ahead of plan here thanks to the fast girls.  I can be found slogging through the trails around town training fairly often too so I’m calling this one a huge success. Trail running diminished in the second half of the year but I have my spring race schedule packed full so 2013 looks to be just as good or perhaps even better than 2012.  
6)      The all encompassing, Tie More often, more people, etc type thing.  It comes with getting a balance in my life back. I’ve taught a little but not tied much.  Need massive improvement here.  I’d give myself a C but can get it up to an A with a little initiative.  You know it’s bad when I haven’t memorized the bondage books that were given to me this year. I still tie but not often enough. I may start a dating site called just tie me the fuck up already to solve the problem where I can troll for willing playmates and rope bottoms (I’m kidding me running a dating site is like the Pope going to the Devil for confession there are just some things we’re just not equipped for.  So EPIC fail but it no one’s fault but my own.
7)      Drink More (no not while tying) & worry and work less (doubtful but a nice goal)
Total Failure but if I had to miss one completely I guess this is the one I’d have picked. No change here.  I still drink too little, worry too often, and work too much though part of that work is on the site, writing, and my book so it’s not all bad.
8)      Tweet, take, and share more lurid pictures.  Wow have my pics for the last 6 months been pretty fucking lame.   I doubt there is anything pg 13 or above.  What a drag I definitely need to fix that.  When the hell did my life turn into prime time & pg rated content?
It’s improving but still nowhere near dirty enough. Shoe and coffee is what you can count on me for pictures of plus the occasional rooster or band picture. Guess it’s just the sad reality.  My most recent pic was one of my feet and both of the Chesty Blonde’s in bowling shoes on Christmas Eve.   Fun but not exactly scandalous.  
9)      Get professional help.   Not for my neurosis, other maladies, or caffeine addiction but sign up and take some rope classes.   Yeah I’ve been to things before but at this point I’m seriously considering either one of the rope intensive weekend type things but ideally I just need to get off my ass and get some one on one instruction to round out my skills.   Groups are great for some things and socially it would be better but…the reality is I’m a fairly guarded person.
I had to save something for the second half of the year right?  It came down to take classes or finish the book and write a new one.  The book won!  The lack of a local rope play partner beyond the Blonde didn’t help.  I heard a rumor there were going to be local rope classes offered on Saturday’s here in town.   I’d like to go, I may actually make the effort, see number 6 for why I probably won’t though.
Clothes and Cleaning Equipment hanging on hooks
10)   Stop making fucking lists and start living….I lived a lot more even with the moderate list obsession.  No fucking chance but I’ve made it an official Fetish so its manageable. Next year I’m going to track my progress using pivot tables, Microsoft project, and power point presentations.  No I’m not actually joking. 
Let me be again thank you for reading, commenting, and the occasional untoward invitation or lurid picture.   Hope the few fleeting days of 2012 cap off a great year for you and more importantly set you on a path for an amazing 2013.
– Mal


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  1. I have never had rope used and will admit the thought of it makes me leery. Don’t know why just freaks me out. Minor bondage I am all for. I have yet to read 50 shades and have no desire to do so. While I am not deep into BDSM I knew enough from mainstream media’s blitz about it that it could not even come close to being realistic in it’s depiction of the fet life. It usually never is when a bored housewife with a kink dream writes it. New follower here and will be around a bit. Now that life has settled down in my neck of the woods. Hopefully figure out a way to make some money from my writing.

    1. Twisted Angel,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ve not read 50 Shades either and like you I won’t be. As for rope a good friend of mine who runs a rope company who says you either like rope or you don’t. It’s not for everyone and I tend to fall into the decorative and floor work style more than actual restraint. It’s like everything else there are tons of flavors depending on the players (and mood).

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