A Definition of Lurid for the Beautiful Naked Nurse

A week or so ago I put a piece out about wanting to do a shoot with the Chesty Blonde and along the way the talented and ever so sexy Official Naked Nurse asked me to explicitly define Lurid for her so she could consider “submitting her application”.  At the time I made a polite retort but upon further consideration have decided that Lurid since it is one of my favorite words in several languages warranted a more formal reply.
According to Google it is
Defined as
lu·rid/ ˈlo͝orid/

  1. Very vivid in color, esp. so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect: “lurid food colorings”.
  2. (of a description) Presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms, esp. giving explicit details of crimes or sexual matters.

I had no idea the first definition even existed since the second is the one I always intend.  But the truth is when I really stop to consider what I mean when I say lurid it is probably more refined than many would imagine.  It is like my porn preferences.  Yes I like a good bit of the old in and out as they said in a Clockwork Orange but I do also like some level of production value.  A decent camera angle or two, an attempt at lighting, and well if and when possible some type of connection that transcends just two people fucking.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with two or twenty people fucking for that matter but what makes it hot, what makes it explicit is not cock and pussy shots sorry folks but those things are merely table stakes when it comes to intercourse but the other elements both visual and perceived (like they are actually having fun screwing) that make it hotter for me.
Lurid in my world is probably well staged, a peek, a taunt a tease just out of sight something that lets the all powerful mind interpret the surroundings in the way that it chooses.  This morning I saw a picture of a woman with a can of Heineken shoved in her ass.   As interesting as it may be it was not to me lurid. While certainly explicit, and certainly not something I see every day and can of beer in someone’s backdoor just isn’t my kink.  Then again I don’t like beer that much if it was an espresso machine I might have been more interested.  Now in fairness I have joked for decades that if I was a scientist I’d spend my life working on how to grow my dick to 17 inches long and a coke can wide…which  has met with varying opinions one of which was “call me when you do I want the first ride” to “no thanks go find someone else to fuck with that monster”   by definition that description could of course be lurid, or crude or crass which was more of my intention since everyone knows anybody can have a 17 inch penis according to the magic dick grow pills advertised on late night TV.  What happened to 9 inches being nice and 12 being monstrous?  The same thing that happened when a size six has to go to a size two…the times they are always changing.  All kidding aside what do I really consider lurid…details.   And yes the details in a picture are more often what makes it work for me or not.  The same woman had posted a lovely photo that featured her in thigh high boots, stockings, a thong and lovely little skirt and corset, the setting of a stair case, the spindles.   To me that picture is great, it is all the elements that for me that made it hot, it is what made it lurid.
Lurid is something that is in and of its own right suggestive, open to interpretation.  It can be random and spontaneous but I’ll venture to guess most of the time there is a fair amount if not an extreme amount of planning that goes into a thing.   What makes a hot rope scene?  A perfect model?  Perfection is unattainable and objective how about one who is enjoying the scene.  Yep that’s a must have.  A skilled rigger…yes bad rope it a turn off but if I know I’m watching a newer couple play and they are enjoying themselves (safely) I’d forgo pure rout skill on occasion.  Lurid is much like the old government quote about pornography, I can’t define it but I sure as hell know when I see it.

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    1. While not my over intention to seduce you I can’t say that I’m heart broken. As for the Blonde I certainly will. Tell Hubby Hi from us as well!

    1. Brigit,
      Thanks for the comment and I love your phrasing “Beauty is Lurid” and may have to borrow it sometime in the future.

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