Welcome to Hotel Malflic

Hotel Vacancy signFor as much as I write about it I really don’t own a B&B.  Though most months it feels like it.   One of the few things I love about my current house is the big open loft but truthfully it’s the steady stream of guests we get that makes living here more bearable.   Sure most often it’s family but not all that in frequently we have friends from all over the country actually more accurately the world spend an occasional week or weekend with us.   Despite that it’s not often what one would think, more so friends from back east, college roommates, past or present business associates.  Which my word of caution is depending on whom you’re introducing them to using the term partner, ex partner, or former partner can have various meanings; I’d suggest adding the term business in front of partner where appropriate just to eliminate some confusion or the possibility of being mistaken for a complete shameless whore.
The loft is partially art gallery and partially my private library.   A sick fact about me is I literally collect books.   I have first editions of relatively no monetary value that I treasure and signed copies of things you might never expect, and a number of others that might not be so shocking.  What is most often missing is the big name best sellers, I tend to avoid the majority of those unless they were given to me as gifts.  Last week I was walking through the house with my contractor on a final inspection of the repairs from the hail storm last spring.  He looked across the loft and since he knows me and the blonde pretty well at this point commented “You keep a penthouse magazine in your main book cases?”    I never thought twice when I reorganized this summer I happened to place an 1988 penthouse right there with the title in plain sight for anyone who walked up the stairs and looked to the west.  I could have tried to play it off of “Yeah I’m just wild like that” but instead went for the honest route.   “Yeah that’s my Musician based biographies and auto biographies shelf.  More or less its 50% Frank Zappa stuff and that penthouse has an article from the late 80”s about the PMRC Rock Pornography senate hearings Zappa interview in it.   While a fine issue sadly I really did keep it for the articles.
Once again welcome to hotel Malflic.   You can peruse my collection of Art, political history, macroeconomic studies, and great classics collection.  Or find a nice vintage porno mag or sex book to arouse your more carnal side.  Maybe I should start a chain that caters to the swingers, kinksters and cheaters of the world.  The latter would probably be the biggest clientele of the three.   But until that time we’ll be lodging the Blondes mom and step dad tomorrow, her dad mid week through the week end and then next week Diva is bringing home a friend or two to spend break at our house.  For all my faults I am actually one hospitable bastard and a damn fine cook when company is around.
That’s right welcome to Hotel Malflic a refuge for anyone who’s up tight companions need a break from your free thinking ideas.  Where the formal living room looks more like a family vacation photo collection and music store; a place where you can look at us all standing on the beach in any variety of tropical islands while playing custom guitars or just bang our a few standards on my not nearly well loved enough piano.  If you time it right the proprietor might charm you with his gravelly voice and dexterous fingers while feeding one addiction of another between songs of lost love, lost souls, or torturous pining wasted life.
Note: I decided to play with a writing style in this one based on a book I’m currently reading.  So if it seems I’m more disjointed or random than usual I’m not whacked out on something or suffering from some new intellectual limitation.