How to Pack for a Con family Style

Sexy woman with a coffee cup resting on her bare buttI figured a great and honest insight into my life both kinky, Poly, and everyday would be by retelling a conversation I had last night with Alice King while driving back to the house. It goes something like this.  I left the back cracker’s office after finally getting a hip that I knew was out for 3 weeks realigned.  And I swear I’m not a masochist just a busy wicked little fucker.   I dial the lovely wild one and throw the call on the speaker in the car 1) because I’m alone and don’t need to worry about others butting in or over hearing things not meant for their ears.  Or  2) because I killed yet another damn headset earlier in the day when the ear piece got caught on my desk and I walked away to briskly.  In this case it was a little bit of both.
After polite greetings and great description of her play time Saturday night and still well marked ass from the two hours worth of spankings she took (she claimed a 45 minute warm up!  say it with me “pain toy” moving right along) We drifted to what had been discussed before, reignited in a twitter exchange a few days earlier, and that I had actually begun looking into seriously.  Attending a conference with AK and Lord Raven, perhaps having a few others in tow with me as well.  A family outing of sorts (excluding of course my daughter Diva who occasionally writes for us as well).
We talked about the hotel room block for the con.  The reservation and deposit policy.  Could we request adjoining

Pretty Brunette with Coffee Beans in the back ground
Something about this one makes me think about Zack and Miri make a Porno?

rooms?  What bed configuration they had and what ones I should consider.  I mused about my status with the chain and lamented it not being another one since I could have gotten a suite upgrade or better if that had been the case.  We talked about other friends of theirs both old and new who would be attending.  I asked about the quality of the presentations last year and class schedule.  The insight here I’m a geek and if I’m going to a con I want to take every cool class and demo I can.  What about Dungeon time, Playtime, Public mixers and Private parties?   They’re cool and I do like them.  I know I need to be social, that I like to meet people, but honestly in many cases if there are enough good classes it’s sad to say but I’d be fine without the other things.
We talked about the toy fair and the beginning a toy fair war chest to maximize wicked new acquisitions.  We began to wondered if we could interview vendors for website articles people would like and find useful.   Hmmm who else could we talk to in order to make the most of our time there.  Then shit got serious. “I’m not dealing with that little coffee maker in the room this year”  Alice declared very, very boldly!  That’s right in less than 5 minutes we’d gone from violent wands spanking benches, and her well abused perfectly paddle sized ass to sleeping configurations to the importance of having a large enough coffee pot to be human.  Oh sure snacks were mentioned in passing but so began our obsession with coffee once again.
With this in mind I’m beginning to wonder if I should abandon my hopes of running a popular kink blog and site and instead focus on the only other constant in my life, coffee.  After all I could look at my friends and co workers, family and school officials and when they ask where I’m going.   “Oh another damn coffee conference, you know I’m going to try out about 10 new blends, and 4-5 associated related toys, grinders, cups etc” .  Wait a minute I think I have my new facade.  Just to keep things  honest I might from time to time feature models drinking coffee right here on this website just so it’s not a total lie.
So how does one prepare to go to a con?  Did we list out rope and clothing changes?  Nope!  Did we begin an itemized list Paper coffee cup decorated as a flasher in bikini briefsof who is bringing what ropes, color and type?  Nope!   Did we discuss bringing favorite or dreaded paddles, whips, floggers and clamps?   It didn’t even enter our realm of thought.  What we did do is make sure the one thing we absolutely needed was cared for.  Condoms?   No but eventually we would have gotten there.   We handled the most important thing of all; making sure you know which member of your group is in charge of the Coffee, the Filters, and Mondo Machine to brew it in.  The Sex and kink stuff will more less just take care of itself from there.  The basis to every great Poly group I believe begins and ends with a clear cut understanding of how to deal with coffee related expectations.
In case anyone cares the con in Question is Frolicon in Atlanta Ga March 28-31 2013. I’ve personally lobbied for a few others as well and eventually I’m sure one of them will get firmed up for the coming year.