Introducing the “He Said; She Said Series”

Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Graphic by Malflic.comAs the old saying goes “Variety is the spice of life.” With that in mind we’re introducing what we hope will be an entertaining and possibly even educational series called “He said, She said”. The premise is really very straight forward and simple. A sexually charged topic is picked along with one male and one female writer each offering their unbiased thoughts on it. Both head off in their own separate directions to begin their work not comparing notes at all on the dirty little things they’re thinking. In some cases it will be a how to guide, others will address symbolism and meaning, impact on relationships, etc. After both of the pieces are published the two authors will then collaborate on a third piece addressing questions or additional thoughts from the first two. It could be clarification, point and counter point, or just a chance for two twisted souls to talk about sex a little bit more. Of course what good is all that info and opinion if we don’t provide some erotica to go with it so the chosen topic then also gets featured in our erotica section for a little bed time reading.
Every so often in an attempt to spice things up we’ll give a nod to our Poly friends and ask more than two people to participate in a topic. After all the more the merrier, and it might be great sex but it’s sure not an orgy if there are only two people playing at a time.
Some of the topics include…
Communicating my Dirty Little Needs
Main Stream Role Play
Tie Me Up (Top and Bottom View Points)
Three Ways
Just Fuck Me
As always we love feedback so if you have something you’d like to see covered be sure to drop us a comment, DM/@ reply, or email. If you’d like to play along even better we’d love to have you join in the fun with a story or opinion of yours, all you have to do is ask.
The first two articles will go out later this week accompanied by the new Erotica stories on Friday and Saturday just to keep you in the mood.
– Mal