Come out Come out where ever you are…

A Series of Hallways
Well this post was supposed to be something entirely different. But on occasions one just has to follow their muse. My muse tells me its Fetish Friday and the unfinished post that is my albatross is not getting finished today.  Meanwhile  my hands tell me I played with a little too much rope last night, not that doing so is ever really a bad thing.
Often I talk about getting out more, doing things, meeting new people, blah, blah, blah. The truth is it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but like so many things in my life I’m always somewhere else usually doing something other than what I really wanted to.  Well there was the time 2 winters ago when I was invited to join a religious based men’s fraternal organization.  I was flattered but politely declined seeing that being a pagan at best and an atheist most of the time probably didn’t make it a good fit.  The Chesty Blonde looked horrified as I told her about the invite offering alternatives such as the polar bear club because at least I had experience jumping into freezing water nearly naked.  That was the last nila attempt at getting out.
Sure I have a great network of friends to visit with during my travels, a drive to see one or another, a little private time here and there, terrorizing the occasional unsuspecting folks when I see Victoria or getting tackled and French Kissed by a Swinger friend in front of my boss is all good fun.  Not to mention my recent DC exploits.  All in all it’s been a great year with memorable nights and times of varying degrees in several cities including a new love for San Fran and a renewed love of our nation’s capital.  Add in a few places off the beaten path and all in all I’ve done a lot things with both old and new friends.  Still every month comes and goes and I miss my chance to be more local, to step out a bit and push my own limits by meeting new people.  Finally it’s time for that bold leap.  I’ve decided to go to my first non munch event (yes I know I’ve only hit an handful of those and sporadically at that).  The fact is I’ve lived here like it or not for 7 years it’s about time to stop lurking and wondering and get out there.
So after two months of internal debate about going to the upcoming local Grue I took the leap and bought the ticket.  Was it a huge financial commitment? No it was a deal fiscally speaking!  Really it was an emotional thing, a personal commitment; in many ways it was admitting that I really did need to try something new by going to an event.  After all I bitch every year about not being able to go to Shibaricon because umpteen (or maybe 11) years ago my sister decided to have her kids birthday parties that weekend. I missed the 2 Grue’s here because I was away (what else is new right?)
Still I vacillated for two months partly because I really wanted the Chesty Blonde to go with me.  After all she’s the pretty one, there would be no doubt that people would want to talk to her.  For that reason alone, the social piece I wanted her there.  I could just do my thing because pretty much everywhere we go she draws a crowd.  The Blonde is the friendly one and I’m the pervert but she opted out of going telling me to have fun and when in doubt find another nerd to talk about computer shit with and I’d be just fine.  She also opted out of the last DC trip too something about kids and school and other such nonsense.   Oh for those of you with an imagination.  Does she tie?  Her shoes yes other than that not that I’m aware of but you could always ask her.     Victoria on the other hand offered to fly in and yes she does tie but only boys and with a certain farm girl roots kind of style from what I’ve seen.  I’ve not decided my answer on yes or no to her joining me.
So here I sit two weeks away.  I can hear my first guitar teacher, practice, practice, practice, and make sure it’s perfect practice that’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.  So taking that advice I start looking at where I’m headed in the next two weeks; whether or not I can practice, where and with whom. At the end of it all I’m going to learn new things, so I can tie up the Blonde and other friends in new and exciting ways.  To make it all happen I reworked my schedule to fly home a day earlier so I could sleep in my own bed the night before things start instead of not sleeping and wondering aimlessly through the streets of NY that I love so much.
Being a middle aged fuck what pushed me over the edge and made me finally own up and step out.  Well four things really.  First was I happened to meet to local organizers of the event when I bought some rope from them as a present.  (hmmm has me wondering if Santa learned to tie yet?) and frankly they were very cool (friendly, helpful, inviting). Sure I wanted to go before that but somehow it made it all the more real.  Secondly I’d been listening to Graydancer’s Ropecast for quite a while but something resonated when listening to an episode that recounted a recent GRUE. Simply put the topic of kinky and monogamous came up.  It made me stop and think wait that’s me! Yes I play with others and know whether or not I am varies with your definition of monogamy just like it matters what your definition of “is” is.  Got it?  Good!
Third it is a way for me to try out an actual kink event without having to travel, it’s a chance to learn more about a number of things including whether or not events like this are for me. I already go enough places to do wicked things to people without needing to go to a kink conference that isn’t any more fun for me than a trade show about the latest widget.  My life and interests don’t really fit in to a kink mold so to speak. But that’s my hang up not yours moving right along.  Which brings me to the final reason.  I remember the first half assed chest harness I tied on the Blonde, I also remember the second one which after a little practice and a friend’s guidance flowed and fit so much better.  Mostly though how she purred and melted into me.   Maybe just maybe I’ll learn something else that will make her purr. Something new, and exciting to quote Will Ferrel in Old School “maybe something really cool that I didn’t know about.”
Logging into paypal was the point of no return.  Come out Come out where ever you are…a new adventure begins.
A parting and only semi related note to my good friends “AF Squared” happy 15th anniversary!  May you never move to the suburbs and only be forced to visit them on rare occasions.