Sexy Lingerie Picture of the Day v1.4.2

Normally I just throw up a few pics of scantily clad women in something sexy and call it a day.

Babydoll And Panty Set - Stardust babydoll with g-string (L) Babydoll And Panty Set – Stardust babydoll with g-string (L)
This provocatively elegant babydoll set is made of sheer black chiffon that is accented with a glitter and stars design. The triangle cups are held together by a shimmering rhinestone jewel, and have soft straps that tie around the neck. The chiffon flounce hem is split into four separate tresses, each asymmetrically designed creating a sexy open front and a low cut back. Comes with a matching g-string. (Babydoll And Panty Set)

Today though is a little different.   Imagine you’re having one of the greatest weeks of your life at a resort, tonight is the lingerie party at the disco and all is well.  Ok perhaps you’re a little sore, could use a touch more sun and ore completely oversexed but otherwise everything is perfect.   Now this is the kind of place where my kind of people are everywhere mixed in with the would be wild crowd, the nudists, and the group of internet “friends” who made this week their retreat and decided to adopt the Chesty Blonde and in turn me.
It’s 7ish the party starts around 9 and my preppie ass makes its way toward the dinner buffet opting out of the sit down options instead meeting our new friends.  About 15 minutes later a little number from long island sits down next to me in something that looked just like the outfit pictured above.  Ahh memories and old friends.   Its sad that we lose touch with so many people that create those oh so memorable moments in out life.