Sexy Lingerie Picture of the Day v1.4.1

Trying to get back into the swing of things with a sexy lingerie picture of the day.  Granted Sexy dress but one fetish i”m fairly certain will never be my kink in mannequins.  Still I could see or imagine this little number showing up at a party or bedroom near me some time soon.

Sexy gown, Sexy Dress - Slinky long dress Sexy gown, Sexy Dress – Slinky long dress
This slinky long dress is an alluring outfit to wear during a romantic evening. The dress front is completely open except for a portion of the middle that also has a decorative rhinestone buckle. Also included is a pair of matching boy shorts. The dress also looks fantastic paired with a tank top and sexy pants for an evening out. (Sexy Dresses)

or better yet

Sexy gown - Loungerie gown and g-string (3X) Sexy gown – Loungerie gown and g-string (3X)
Be simply sexy in this long elegant gown. Not too tight, not too loose cut is very forgiving but at the same time allows sheer black fabric to embrace your curves creating a sleek long silhouette. The O ring detail connects front with the ties which go down the back through the loops making a bow in the lower middle. The side slides and bare back adds sexy edge to this outfit. (Sexy Gowns)

This one with both legs slit high and is just sheer enough to make my blood boil.   My verdict no matter how sexy the lingerie the live woman will always win over the inanimate object in my book.   OK back to work now