Lingerie Tales Volume 2 My Original Sexy School Girl

Sexy School Girl Costume
Lingerie Tales Volume 2  -My Original Sexy School Girl
So what is so sexy about a grown woman dressed up as naughty school girl?  It seems like such a popular costume every Halloween not to mention you can find women dressed as school girls at everything from swinger outings, fetish parties, club wear and of course plain old costume parties with just regular folks who happen to like to play dress up.  Or so I’ve heard.
I like to believe most adults keep a costume or two in their lingerie or naughty drawers for a change pace and a little role play.  Rather than try to answer the question for the entire world though I figured perhaps I’d share the story of my original naughty sexy school girl, Laura.  After all it’s the things in our youth that help to define us as adults and she holds a series of memorable and defining moments for me.
As I’ve often referenced I went to an overpriced private school hence had a youth filled with a regular diet of short skirts and tight white (and blue) button up blouses.  It is no doubt part of the reason I like to play with women who are dressed as sexy or naughty school girls. If for no other reason it is where sexually and romantically speaking I got my start, as I’m sure many people did.  Sure there were countless uniforms that met the school dress code to the letter of the law.  Do I seem like the kind of guy who was interested in people who followed the rules and generally accepted well behaved societal norms?  Of course not!  I liked the renegades and wild ones and with a few exceptions the “good” girls I’d usually dated ended up in some sort of a Shakespearean tragedy.
Something like why “doeth thou not love me and insists on keeping the company of gap toothed strumpets when I am not near?”  to which I’d reply “whatever,  NEXT!” or something equally insensitive.
Laura was certainly not the first school girl to catch my eye…in fairness that was Dana when I was 6. Nor was she the last considering I met the Chesty Blonde while in college so technically speaking she was a school girl.  There were certain things about Laura that made her one of the more memorable ones.  When I met her like so many people of that era she was in uniform. Albeit she was dressed in an entirely too daringly short gray plaid pleated skirt and nearly button popping tight white wrinkled blouse.   Sure it was literally her interpretation of the uniform of our great institution.  It is probably also accurate to say that I was wearing navy blue pants, a crisp oxford with the sleeves rolled to the elbow and my tie not properly tied with the top button of the shirt undone which was my look of the era.   Why I really remember the firs time i saw her is because my heart stopped. I know “oh how sweet love at first sight”.  Was it that my soul felt lighter and alive?  Well not exactly but from the first time I watched her walk I was most definitely in serious lust.  It was across the school parking lot as I spotted her bold and confident strut as she approached her car a classic orange and white 50’s Chevy. Oh yeah she was a motorhead!  Even though well i was well into my German car fetish by that age any girl with a car like that was just fine by me.
Naughty School Girl CostumeIt’s funny how we remember people as if they are frozen in time.   I tend to remember her strong legs, fold over lace socks and scuffed up white heels more than anything.   There was something both innocent and trashy about that combination all at the same time.  It was a look and persona that completed the often dreamed about school girl fantasies, but it was very real and who she was.  Laura was a dancer, another admitted weakness of mine.  Dancers if nowhere else but in my mind carry themselves differently.  Their bodies no matter long and lean or short and powerful were always toned and they seemed comfortable in their own skin and daring at the same time.   Add a stereotypical lack of modesty and the general need to be the center of attention was a winning combination when it came to catching my eye.
Looking back she didn’t fit my mold so to speak.    I majored in brunettes for the better part of a decade but she was naturally a platinum blonde with long flowing curly locks.  Her switchy walk hinted at a glimpse of panties, lace ,or bared flesh with each bold stride.  She was a consummate flirt, an exquisite tease, and in truth genuinely a nice person if you dared to get past her bold fast girl exterior.   She was aggressive when it came to the boys she was interested in.  I speak from first hand experience and am grateful even now for it.
I would literally watch the nuns cringe as she walked by; the very literal picture of temptation, fornication and lust in a singly divine creature.  She would press herself tauntingly against me when talking in the hall,  take me by the hand when I was walking with another young lady and wanting my attention,  and add to it my mother did not care for her in the least. Laura picked up on it on the few occasions they met.  Instead of backing off it made her all the more affectionate in public places.
Were we ever really a couple?  No, there were no strings like that.  Neither of us felt the need to pledge an undying intention to the other just so we could lie to ourselves while partaking in a little fun.   A flip of the short uniform skirt to show a little more.   An extra button or two revealing a lacey revealing Bra.  A touch, a glimpse, a kiss.  Young lust defined almost in a classic movie kind of way in the shadows of a parking lot in an old car with the radio playing.  After she graduated I would see her a few more times in the next year or two, the lady liked her racy underwear and lingerie as she would strut and prance in her heels.  Tease and taunt keeping my undivided attention but nothing ever quite matched the allure she had on me as a school girl in her uniform with those scuffed up low heels and fold over old fashioned lace socks.
short plaid skirt sexy school girl costumeSo there you have it just one of the chapters of my life that made the school girl costume part of my adult life whether its just for fun, a little spanking role play with a “naughty student” , or that seductive little strut and dance to keep my interest.
Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off once again to crank a little Nickelback one of my favorite songs happens to be shak’in hands  ” and the congressman would call her every once in a while, she kept the school girl skirt on the top of the pile”  Might follow it up with a little Girls, Girls, Girls and then Fuck Like a Beast by W.A.S.P. that is of course before I start my Lords of Acid bender in order to get ready for this coming Monday night in Baltimore.
Post edited by Mal March 2013 for structure and flow.  Content and intention remained unchanged.