Do People Really care…oh yeah SEX SEX SEX

Typically I really try to stay away from pop culture commentary sports pontification and current events excluding the occasional gratuitous political satire.  This time however I can’t help myself.  Maybe it’s because I could give a shit what tiger woods does with his penis and for that matter I don’t care what he does with his others wood either seeing as I’m not much of a golf fan.  Perhaps it’s a character flaw of mine that I’m not overly obsessed with who’s doing what with their genitals and I care even less that a person I don’t know is acting in a way that many others might  consider in proper.  Here’s some points I’d like you to consider
1)      I would be more upset if Hugh Heffner became monogamous than if some American Icon of sports made it his lifelong goal to bang every cocktail waitress in the world with a cute ass.  BTW I think there are a lot of people who might have that as a goal present company included.  Hugh being monogamous would be crushing to my viewpoint of life an athlete fucking someone who is not their spouse.  Odds are most of the people reading this fuck people who are not their spouse…yes that includes sex toys, vegetables, self love, and other humans.  Now how god damn righteous do you feel.  Yeah though so.
2)      If the president of the United States can turn a cigar in to a sex toy and have the UN and the world still love him why should Nike care?  It’s not like he was cross-dressing and prancing around in a wedding gown after keeping the company of a woman named after the holy mother and Carmen Electra.  Its not like they were paying him to not screw around with other people they were paying him to be the best in the world at playing with little white balls.  No I do know one nice jewish girl who claims to be the best in the world at playing with little white balls but I think its slightly different that what e does…well based on the news reports anyhow who know what hasn’t come out yet.
3)      I would be moderately more interested if it came out that the pope was wearing leather pants on Mondays and cruising at a dangerous rate of speed through the Italian country side on a Ducati while for a good rabbi to confide in.
4)      It might be news worthy if the Dali Lama teamed up with the WWE to kick The  People’s Republic of China’s ass in a pay per view version of political empire smack down steel cage death match and then he became infatuated with the rush or power and violence ultimately becoming fascist dictator.
5)      I would be upset if my friend AB stopped losing her shirt, flaunting her amazing tits, and showing off her piecings at every party before going into to full blown girl on girl nipple licking mode while rolling around in the back yard with the killer hot and truly Crazy E.   Speaking of pay per view it is better than most of the high end porn on the web.
Look I admit it the only thing I know about golf is  I own clubs and three sets of shoes, I own lay when I half to and prefer to cavort with the college girls working the drink carts during university fund raisers and that I like to drink both Arnold Palmer’s and John Daly’s. and there you have it folks a few not so nice thoughts for a Saturday morning.

2 Replies to “Do People Really care…oh yeah SEX SEX SEX”

  1. Ummmm the press is STILL talking about Tiger??? Shows how much I care I guess!
    As for the rest…..when is the next party AB will be at? I have some new barbells that could use some attention!!!

  2. She’s missed the last two. The cinco de toga theme is getting revived in May but it will be family friendly…well family friendly for us.

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