The Sexiness Beneath

Sexy Lingerie, Sexuality, and some Random thoughts about Beauty and Confidence
So there is the scene in old school where Frank the Tank (the Will Ferrell Character) is sitting in couple’s therapy with his rail thin not so hip wife.  He was talking about wondering what kind of panties a waitresses may have been wear and his wife’s disgust grew with each passing word.  At the heart of the matter it was a classic case of where boys are just boys and the typical woman is uptight about it.  Fortunately for me it’s not a world I live in.  Oh sure I wonder, at times I might even ask after all I exist to be a shameless flirt.  The difference is my partner the Chesty Blonde only worries about Brunettes.  Given my history with raven haired women and bad choices it’s probably a legitimate concern.
So my good friend Victoria sends me all kinds of things, but this ad captures that wondering like little else I’ve seen.  Sure it’s stylized, sure she is a model type and not the average woman, but at the very end its her eyes that tell the story.  It is her eyes that make it so very alluring.

Sexiness for everyone from Glow Berlin on Vimeo.
Odds are though if you’re reading this though you’re the type of soul; male or female that has the exact kind of thoughts Frank the Tank did.  What is that hot woman wearing or not wearing.   Is she a thong, g string or briefs kind of girl.  Do you imagine her in red lace, black silk, maybe even a little crotchless number or even latex panties.
So often as I pass through the airports, hotel lobbies and skyscrapers of the world occasionally looking across the way and seeing a woman that I can only hope is an enlightened sexual creature, confident, bold, adventurous and beautiful in her own unique way.   Sadly though more often than not it’s probably not the case.  This isn’t about being Poly, a swinger, or even kinky.  It’s about a healthy body image and attitude toward sex for a purpose other than procreation.  Sex for pleasure, for a connection to another soul and even for the release it brings.
What bothers me is really that so many people male and female seem to have poor self images.  Body hang ups and god knows what else.  Is it a by product of media and advertising? Maybe to some extent but god knows there are enough religious and political organizations both on the left and the right ( Christian coalition & National Organization for Women are two examples) who are in their own way propagating the debate with their own don’t flaunt it or exploit it messages.  Modesty has its place but I wonder how much if affects suzy the soccer mom’s own self image and sexual practices with in the confines of her own relationship (marriage counts).
Granted I’m a hedonist with a kinky streak so when the word representative public gets thrown around I don’t fit the bill.  I’ve been to nude beaches, sex parties, kink events, and “specialty resorts” in the course of my adult life.  I don’t look like an underwear model and I’m not hung like a John Holmes but at the end of the day somewhere along they way and in my case early one I figured out I liked sex for sex’s stake.  My body wasn’t a lot better or any worse than anyone else’s and became comfortable in my own skin almost immediately.
It seems that swingers and kinksters have embraced who they are and what gets them off perfection be damned.  I’m not looking for the perfect scene, the greatest lay, or the divine blow job.  Intending rather to make the most of each and every encounter, and try to get your partner off more than yourself is the simple philosophy that has worked for me for years.  I listen to my traditionally minded friends whine about their partners, the lack of sex, creativity, or adventure.  I wonder why don’t they bring it up?  Are they afraid to ask and find a compromise that works for both of them? Everyone has boundaries but are they real limits or ones that were established to keep their own hang-ups covered.  Is the other one really that uptight?
In one example I know that to be the case but in all fairness I’m not sure I could keep up with her appetites but it would be damn fun trying and probably nothing a nice collection vibrators, a stack of batteries, a few good sized butt plugs, some lube and a little less sleep wouldn’t pacify.  Then again I love a challenge and would fuck her six ways from Sunday as warm up all while she talked like a filthy little slut the entire time.  The last part is an assumption since she makes ordering dinner seem so very dirty.
I choose to live in an adult amusement park.  I know that everybody has hang ups, issues and short comings and sex is no different than anything else.   Maybe my reality isn’t any more real than those storybook characters in fables and fantasyland.  My Fantasy land is different, its where everyone feels sexy no matter who they are and what they do.  Not everyone has a water proof vibe by their tub, a bullet vibrator in their purse, and a toy bag next to their bed filled with things to meet their every need and then some when shared with a partner they are connected with.  Still I like to think they do.  I very much choose to live in a world where no matter what everyone sees their own sexiness underneath whatever it is they pass through the world as.  A world where people don’t utter slut at a woman who chooses to show her body off, or whore at someone who profits from her own sexuality.  I’ve always said we’re all whores in my case its my mind I whore out on a daily basis.
I wonder how much all of the name calling and judging is based on personal beliefs rather than perceptions caused by the view of their own body issues.
Now about those panties?  Trust me it’s OK my wife is wondering the same exact thing and yes she does have a vibrator or two in her purse.  As a matter of fact she might be wearing one right now and this is the wireless remote.  So do you want to try it out?

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  1. Being one that has the bag of goodies and always searching for more…….
    So just how does the remote work? I want to make sure I get it right!!!

  2. Lovin your fantasyland. My own includes a couple candles in that handbag, along with two men’s silk ties. They may raise eyebrows when they fall out in public, but not as much as lengths of rope would, plus my handbags are small. 😉
    Another A+ blog.

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